First off, modern religion has become something of a monster. The problem I have with religion is that it is a delusion. Yes I said it a DELUSION (youre all CRAZY). To believe that a man in the sky hears all your thoughts, listens to your prayers, and talks to you telepathically is absolutely ludicrous, and it is mind-blowing to me how the majority of our society believes all of this. Do you people really think a guy who apparently has a “divine plan” for the world is going to change that because you asked him to? No. In my opinion there is no divine plan, no fate but what we make. We are our own Gods, and we can do whatever we want withour lives. Why would you want to live any other way. Religion causes normally smart, intelligent people to act childish and ignorant because of the delusions it places in the minds of its followers. It promotes radical belief that many times leads to wars, terror attacks, and other atrocities, and in my opinion is unnecessary in our modern times.

Also, to the people who seriously are trying to refute evolution because you somehow think the biblical fairy tale of a story seems like a better explanation for life, please grow up and read a book. Evolution is no longer a theory, it is a fact. The ways evolution may have worked may still be up for debate, but the fact that we all have common ancestors and have evolved over time to suit our environments is obvious, and you are quite frankly ignorant if you think otherwise.

Anyway back to my original argument. Why do you people cling to religion so badly? Are you scared of dying? I mean I myself have a little fear of death because it will mean the end to my awesome life, but that doesn’t mean making up a place called “heaven” is going to solve that problem. The whole heaven and hell doctrine was deliberately made so that weak minded, brainwashed people would follow the commandments of a few rich men in the Bronze Age. As I’ve said to people in the past, fear is a very very powerful device for people in charge. Religions of all types instill the fear of eternal suffering in their followers to keep them in line (or try), and this simply is a cruel way to treat your people. Kids at a very young age are figuratively “beat over the head” with the bible or other religious scripture so that they dont know what else is out there, and they instead become just another drone in the religious army. Why dont you take life for what it is… a precious gift, and live it to the fullest potential because this is the only one you get. no afterlife, no reincarnation as another person; your energy returns to the Earth where it originally came from and your physical and mental being is then represented by what you have done, the things you have created, and the memories of you that exist in those who still live beyond you. Is that not enough for you? Do you really want to live forever? I surely don’t, and if there is a heaven and hell, I hope I go to hell because that’s where all the cool people are going… but anyway.

I’m also sick of people criticizing Muslims for their faith. Obviously I do not agree with faith whatsoever, but for people in the US (namely racist asshole Christians) to seriously look at Muslim Society as a whole and make fun of them and talk shit about them is completely hypocritical. Don’t you see that according to their religion, they are being the “good guys” by bombing US cities? Bush always talks about the battle between good and evil, but what he doesn’t understand is that we are BIASED in that point of view, and in the eyes of Muslims, they are doing the right thing by destroying all other religions and their followers. think about this: IF CHRISTIANS FOLLOWED THE BIBLE TO A T, THEY WOULD BE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING. (9/11 is a whole different story, but thats for another day) Regardless, I do not believe in extremism by any means, and I believe that nothing should ever be taken to the levels it has in the past and present.

I always have more to talk about, but this is the end of this episode of “Why I hate your religion” by Kevin.

Leave comments if u want, I’d be delighted to answer your questions/hate mail/praise.

Rock on,


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Comment by Dan on August 6, 2009 at 7:49am
Where's the giant Roll eyes gif when you need it?

Why is it every time theist trolls join the site they have to find a blog(abet a good one) months old and think they are going to make an atheist believe in mythical beings?
Comment by Audio on August 6, 2009 at 9:23am
i know, its hilarious! i appreciate you being nice about it BoxxaRoxx...or whatever, but seriously take that shit elsewhere lol
Comment by Dave G on August 6, 2009 at 9:52am
So to be successful, you have to drink Bawls? That's one hell of an ad campaign.


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