First Assisted Suicide in Washington State

Washington State Legalized Assisted suicide last November. This last week the first person to choose this option died peacefully.

Linda Flemming was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in the 4th stage. As anyone who has been around Pancreatic Cancer would tell you, it's generally a painful disease. Wikipedia has survival listed as generally 3 to 6 months (painful months) from diagnosis with a 5% survivability rate past five years. It's aggressive and debilitating.

Opponents claimed that we would see insurance companies ordering death due to costs. That this law would allow doctors to choose when to off patients against their will. The law has existed in Oregon for years and none of that has been found to be the case. Choosing death must come from the patient. The idea that the government obligates us to live with pain, suffering, being a burden on our families, and financially devastating a lifetime of earnings is antiquated and heartless.

My grandfather developed Leukemia in his 60's. He had a half mil sitting around and thought, you know, i could got get treatment this late in life, spend all of the money, leave my wife broke, and die anyways, or I can hit the whiskey bottle and self-medicate. My grandmother never had a financial worry even though she was a life long waitress.

I'm happy that I won't have to suffer if the Grim Reaper sets up shop on my doorstep. This is the humane choice.

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Comment by Rev. Tom Hicks, D.D. on May 27, 2009 at 1:51pm
I know it will just sound crazy to everyone but I support this, even without a death sentence due to cancer or whatever. A humane way to go would be nice whether for medical reasons or personal.


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