finally able to express my feelings..

I've always been afraid to voice out my opinions on religion and how i find them revolting and the people are barbarians, because im living in indonesia where it is a religion country and everyone has to own a religion no matter what. if they dun, they are considered a communist, and out of this country or get arrested. im especially afraid to share my feelings about the muslims (because the majority here is muslims). my friends are mostly christian fanatics who keep bothering me to go to church, and tell me to quit reading books containing philosophy, because they say it will ruin my mind (but i dun give a fuck), some are buddhist, and muslims are roaming around here. so i've been wanting to express this...

just the other time in the newspaper, about 2-3 muslim guys raped 2 christian girls, and after that they killed these girls. and the reason for killing these girls is because the girls are not muslims. and that's it. i think it's ridiculous. im not on both the sides of muslims and christian, but killing people just because of "god" is an act of moron. only morons do that.

and also the issue about the bomb terrorists in bali, finally they found out who put the bomb in bali, that killed a lootttttt of people, a lot of unfortunate of tourists =( so they had to decide whether to put these terrorists on death penalty, but the muslim fanatics went to the court and say in their god's name that these terrorists are RIGHT in bombing bali, and these terrorists are HEROES, and what is revolting is that they even held their holy bible while saying blah blah blah *nonsense* in the court, and they were against the death penalty. (and because of this fucking issue, rihanna cancelled her concert trip to indonesia =() but fortunately, the terrorists got their punishment in the end.

there are a lot of more that the muslims do where i live. i always keep my mouth shut. but i find them really horrible. christians and muslims are fighting against each other here in indonesia, and i just want them to shut up. the muslims were complaining about the church bell, and the christians were complaining about the calling to prayer person in the mosque (when they are about to start prayer; i dunno what it is in english, sorry...) they can never be in peace. and i just want to tell them to shut up. but of course i can't =(

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Comment by Drew on January 4, 2009 at 11:52pm
I'm sorry to hear your situation. It is unfortunate when anyone is held back from being able to simply walk to a cafe without being harassed (even if it is by ambient shouts). I'm glad to hear the court took care of them in an honest way. It's not even a question of right/wrong when it comes to a human abuse or an attempt to fool a government. Those are personal issues, not evidence or excuse. I happen to know a number of Muslims, and in one particularly rough urban community, they are a strong force for stopping drug trafficking, prostitution, and rape. I say that to show that not all Muslims would support those few rapists you spoke of; but moreover, it is a point of human respect and dignity--a religious text definitely should not be raised and read from in a court of law. It's bias, unfair, and ultimately, distracting from the real issue at hand!
Comment by Morgan Matthew on January 5, 2009 at 12:02am
Now featured. Glad you have a place to finally speak out! Keep them coming Dinah.

The part about the terrorists is quite gut wrenching :(
Comment by Aric on January 5, 2009 at 12:12am
I'm glad you are able to share your feelings with us.
Comment by Dinah on January 5, 2009 at 12:27am
@ Drew O'Brien - yes i agree! thanks for reading my blog =)

@ Morgan Matthew & Aric Smith - thank you for the support and reading my blog =)
Comment by Frink on January 6, 2009 at 6:02pm
Yeah, Muslims don't believe in the death penalty, which is why they prescribed it for those Christian girls. *rolls eyes* What a crock! These people are batshit crazy! It's amazing the kinds of things they do in the name of their supposedly compassionate god.

Here's hoping you're able to find yourself in friendlier territory or affect some kind of societal change without putting yourself in danger. Keep us posted!
Comment by Dinah on January 8, 2009 at 4:53am
Hi Frink, thank you for reading my blog! =) I agree! and yeah im sick of living in southeast asia actually haha =D =)
Comment by Danair Joa Estrare on January 26, 2010 at 4:22am
yeah im sick of living in southeast asia actually haha =D =) ????

uhmmm....hey im also from southeast asia and also saw and hear what you saw and heared.
wrong things happens everywhere...anywhere....anytime

those killings or anything that you see is wrong is for me not about what religion you are or what place you where.....

it is about being a human. about what or how a human understand.

if only people really understand what is wrong and whats is good then life will be better.....


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