Do you want to make an atheist statement? Put up a Festavess pole (SEINDFELD) instead of a tree this year. If you simply have to mock the Christians durring the silly season. Or maybe wait until Easter and nail a giant bunny Rabbit to a cross in your yard. To everyone let's just chill out this year,Max out your credit cards, and make New years resolutions like "This year I will not climb Mount Everest."I am so tired of the FoxNews war on Christmas crap;I'm an atheist, but I love X-mas! PEACE to all!

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Comment by Misty: Baytheist Living! on November 29, 2009 at 11:37pm
Wait.. we need a particular season to mock people that believe in talking snakes and non-materialistic Hebrew zombies?

C'mon. Where do I get my yearly pass?

I considered the Festivus pole because I think it's pretty wasteful to go out, kill a perfectly good tree and prop it up in my living room for a few weeks.
My boyfriend is agnostic, I'm atheist and my room-mate is general-spiritual-non-practicing-nondenom-Christian, so we were looking for a good decoration scheme that fits everyone.
Xtians don't have a monopoly on winter celebrations, you know. As a matter of fact, they stole most aspects of their rituals from Pagans.
Pretty much every culture in the world has some form of winter festival.
What is the insult?
Seriously, are you really that offended because some people believe in something different from you, but want a common ground to celebrate with their friends and families?
How exactly does that take from YOUR personal celebration?

Seems odd that folks are so worried about what their neighbors are doing instead of what's going on in their own homes......


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