Feminism and Organized Religion

Sure, fine, I give in. I hate re-posting from my livejournal, because it seems redundant when someone can just go directly to the livejournal, but since posting my livejournal link as a blog post is bad and posting this (what I've written below) isn't considered a forum post, I have been given no choice. -.-


For me, a religious feminist is an oxymoron. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are one in the same.  Of all the people who should be, at the very least, against organized religion, it should be women. Every single one of these religions promotes sexism, among other terrible -isms that I’d rather not get into, otherwise I’d be writing a novel for you. It’s all there, in plain sight. There’s no need to read between the lines. There’s no need to look for a secret message. Right there, in black and white, as plain as day, is sexism written on the thousands of pages of the Bible, the Qu‘ran, and the Torah. It is inconceivable how so many people, more importantly so many women, could follow such religious texts in modern society that promote such grotesque things, including sexism. I’ve heard every excuse ever to defend such texts but no one really has a clear answer. “Oh, well, it can be misinterpreted.”  Misinterpreted? Without even reading any of these texts, someone can easily point out the sexist influences on our (Christian) society, and in Jewish societies, and in Muslim societies. Then there are those who pick and choose what they wish to believe in from their religious texts, but then I question: why even submit to a particular organized religion? You can easily proclaim that you believe in a higher power without following ancient texts that make no sense in our modern society, where we’ve realized how dumb humankind been for centuries in thinking that any human being is below or above us. Then there are those who misunderstand my challenges to religious texts as threatening them and their beliefs personally. No, I am simply challenging how anyone could possibly justify following religious texts that plainly advocate sexism, among other discriminating elements. You can believe a Jesus existed. You can believe that a God exists (the same god for all three religions mentioned, by the way). By all means, that’s your choice, go ahead. However, if you detach yourself from organized religion and still claim that God wants this or that in the name of some foul discrimination, that’s when I’ll have a problem with you.



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