Fasting in Ramadan despite being an atheist

Being an atheist in the Middle East isn't the easiest thing to do and in order to survive, I have to follow the rules even if they are against my way of thinking. So, Ramadan started 2 days ago Here in Egypt and I obviously fast to prevent any disasters. For those who don't know about Ramadan, it's an Islamic month where the Muslims shouldn't eat or drink anything from the moment the sun starting to rise to the moment of the sun starts to go. Muslims claim that fasting is a "purifier of souls" or "the thing that makes you away from satan" or "makes Muslims feel the pain of the poor"

Well if Ramadan actually did all that, then that's great! Peace can be achieved after all....But did it achieve that? No no..hell no! When you look at the Muslims in Ramadan, you can see them much more aggressive, they fight more, they insult eachother more often, they are 10 times more stressed...And most importantly, they gain much more weight! Lol...weird isn't it? Well it is because they are supposed to eat less, but when the sun goes and night starts to appear, they eat like people who never seen food before..Thus, they gain weight, start having diseases by time due to the fact that eating fatty food at night is harmful to the what now?

Not eating or drinking for a specific amount of time isn't really gonna change anyone's nature or attitude, I can be an assassin who doesn't eat a lot...I mean the idea itself is pointless, because people don't get any better, Satan will actually learn from the Muslims in this month if he exists lol and the poor people are really never cared for..they are just given some money or food for the month and after the month is over, they are ignored again...

Personally, I am usually a night owl..I sleep in the morning and wake up at night, so when I wake up its already time for me to eat so things aren't really different for me in this month haha! I just don't get their mindset sometimes..

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Comment by SteveInCO on June 8, 2016 at 9:50am

Vampire Ramadan runs from sundown to sunup, you can only eat while in the coffin.

Comment by Daniel W. on June 11, 2016 at 4:44pm
Im glad Ramadan isn't too difficult for you.

Even though it's not the same, I feel irritated and isolated during the month of Christmas preparation. It's not considered a religious holiday, mostly just excessive capitalistic gluttony, with religious overtones. But for me, I just feel like Im different and, like a book title, a stranger in a strange land.

I hope for you that Ramadan passes without problems, and that you get to enjoy some food treats.
Comment by Stephen on June 11, 2016 at 6:47pm

Ramadan for me would be a piece of cake. I usually fall asleep at sunrise and eat while its dark so it would be nothing new for me. But to fast because an imaginary friend tells you so. Baloney.

Comment by Arcus on June 12, 2016 at 2:03pm

Think of it this way: Occasional fasting (and calorie restricted diet in general) is actually quite healthy unless you are pregnant, and since it's the social norm you sorta get the health benefits without having to endure the whole silliness of the belief system that goes with it. 


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