Every once In a while ya wonder if you’re the only one, but ya know your not. Well, here is a video, yes, I found on YouTube that list some well know people who, just happen to be ATHEISTS. WHOA…dude…there’s a bunch of us.
I know there’s one congressmen whose one or rather open about being an atheist.
I just think back about how many get or got so pissed off about me being an atheist. I mean they just sat there and stewed about it.
I wonder how many of these people’s employees would stew about know their boss was an atheist? I wonder just how many of them would quit their jobs?
I mean, they’d have to give up a steady paycheck, employee benefits, and other things.
There’s a girl on Facebook who keeps sending me note that I need to find Jesus or I’m going to burn in hell.
I keep telling her that it’s all made up and make believe.
There isn’t a hell.
There isn’t any damnation.
And as for “Jesus” he was a Jew who was pissed off at other Jews for not being “good” Jews.
Does the bible say anything about Jesus being pissed off at the Romans who weren’t Jews?
Of course, they controlled the country he lived in. And, they would have killed him sooner if he did. But hey, remember, even the locals got to the point where they had had enough of being told they were “bad” and look where it got him.
Funny thing, I think we’ve seen this play out before in Western Civilization……

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Comment by Jess on July 14, 2009 at 7:46am
Aside from the obvious "wow, I have things in common with celebrities" is that in watching the entire video - I don't think there's a person on it that got into some crazy moral scandal. How many believers have their been that did? And they say we're the ones with the morality issues... jerks.


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