According to the #1 authority on the net, Wikipedia, Family values are political and social beliefs that hold the nuclear family to be the essential ethical and moral unit of society.

WE-heeee hee heelll.  I just want to tear that one apart!

Jerry and I have a wonderful family!  Doesn't it stand to reason that our values are "family values".  Well, they're not, not in the societal-accepted way. 

To begin with, we are more than a nuclear family.  I have two beautiful and superlative-heavy stepchildren.  These kids are remarkable human beings and loving people.  We have an ex-wife and her husband.  These people are, in fact, a part of our family.  We share the two kids, right.
We also have some kids from other families that fit right with us whenever they are here.  They fit right under my wing, just as my kids fit right under the wing of my friend.
We have parents and parents-in-law.  We have a family of friends.  We have a family that is far more than nuclear.   It is atomic!
That's our family.  But what of those families that have one parent?  What of the families that have two parents of the same gender?  How about families that manage to have more than two adults under the room?  These families are atomic families too.  And each of them has a set of values that guides them through the complexities of our society.

Is our family the "essential ethical and moral unit of society?" mentioned in Wiki?  In it's unwieldy way, yes.
Admittedly the term "family values" is a bit vague, as well as being one of those concepts that changes with the wind.  Interesting, then, that politicians actually run their entire campaigns claiming to support "family values"! 
I know what these conservative types mean by "family values".  They mean two parents with "traditional" roles, etc, but mostly, they mean opposition of families and beliefs that do not fit into their narrow definition.
Well, bully for the conservatives.

Our family believes in freedom and peace and choice and living kindly on this earth.  Wrap me in tie dye and I'm happy...

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