Faith in science is not equivalent to faith in the supernatural.


Faith in science is the evidentially based belief that the acquisition of knowledge will continue at the same pace as it has in the recent past, This will bring in its wake continued technological and theoretical developments that drive sociological changes, which in turn will distance us even further from the bronze age superstitions of our intellectual infancy.


Faith in the supernatural brings stagnation not change. It is the blind unquestioning belief in the unprovable and untenable. It stifles curiosity instead of nurturing it. It drives dissenting thought from the mind and replaces it with obedience to a supreme being who may not be reasoned with.


Scientific truth is jello nailed to a wall. On multiple occasions it has had to completely rewrite itself to account for things that were previously thought impossible or idiotic. No doubt it will do so again. Science pushes itself into the places that are hard to go, into realms that are dangerous to the status-quo, and there it looks for things that threaten its every preconception.


Religious truth is set in stone. On multiple occasions is has unsuccessfully resisted scientifically proven ideas despite a huge preponderance of evidence it is unable to refute. No doubt it will continue to do so. Religion hides from that which is dangerous to the status quo, and quakes with fear in the face of that which challenges its preconceptions.


If the Christiban had its way, we'd still be in the theological dark ages, believing we are sprung from Adam and Eve, living on a flat earth at the center of the universe surrounded by rotating spheres upon which the stars are affixed. Diseases would be sent by the Devil, Lightning would be a sign of the lord's displeasure. People who were in disagreement with the magesterium would be burned at the stake as heretics. Blasphemy would be a capital offense. The religious quest for truth is the quest to control what you believe, how you behave and what you consider possible. The religious live in a cage of their own making and won't be happy until we're all serving that same life sentence.

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