Faith based Atheism is equally stupid to Fact based Christianity.

You don’t have faith in Atheism.

If you know the scientific facts then you are an Atheist!

It’s really scares me to hear what the fundamentalist Christians are saying and that they actually believe themselves.
Fabrication of history to make it acceptable to a chronology in a book!
Sishonk is Ramses III and therefore lived in 22nd Dynasties and this done in the purpose to make existing fact fit into fiction based world of religion.
The world we live in are filled with factual event, testable time lines and proven science and then we have the religious world witch is filled with fiction, created time lines and no science. In that world there will be no room for facts or science.

If we lived in a paranormal world where ghost and trolls drank coffee with my long gone dead grandmother, in that world we could bend time and make everything fit neatly into any scripture. But as far as I know there aren’t any trolls around (except the occasional one in forums :-) and the last time I witnessed a visitor from the mythological world was when I was 6 years old during Christmas. He had a white beard and was big, just like God. They probably lived in the same place.
I was 6 years old for crying out loud! I believed everything my kind elders told me.

But I grow up!

Now to all the others whom still believes in mythological creatures and especially they who believes in the word of God.

Imagine that on every Christmas gift you received as a child had a note that read as follow:

This is the word of Santa Claus and I command you to behave or else, you will burn in Hell.

Ma & Pa
I wonder how long it would take, after your sixth birthday, for you to start questioning that message.

Do I still receive my gift if I don’t behave or do I go strait to Hell without passing Go!

Hell - is that more badly then my fathers’ right hooks when he’s drunk.

When you say it’s hot, is it equally hot to the stove plate were my scripture passionate mother place my hands as a punishment for not remembering to thank SC for the commands that scares the crap out of me.

When you say behave. Does that mean that I can’t wear my Cotton pajamas together with my Wool teddy bear?

I overheard that my sister was arguing with my drunken father, protecting me. Do I have to throw stones at her?

What happens if Christmas is on a Sunday? Can I still light up the Christmas tree?

If he not works on Sundays, how come we have to gather up and disturb him on his day of with prayers?

I would think that the wish list to Santa Claus would be very different.

Don’t you?

I did post this on my blog at but I thought it could be fun to post it here to. Some blogs are in English, but mostly in Swedish

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Comment by Gianni Versatile on November 25, 2011 at 10:30am

Thank goodness you do not throw stones at your sister… LOL


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