by faith alone

the courage is gained

to strap c4 to the chest

& proceed to walk up the

stairs of a bus holding folks

you & your cult doesn’t like.


by faith alone

the courage is summoned

to make bomb threats, kidnap,

stalk, assault & if you & your

fetus-hugging buddies are

lucky, to successfully murder

those that feel a woman should

have the right to what she wants

with her own body.


by faith alone

the courage is obtained to picket

the funerals of individuals whose

families simply want to lay their

lost loved ones to rest with

signs that display “god hates fags!”

amidst other bits of pure hate &

bigotry which are exemplified by

even the youngest children amidst

the flock.


by faith alone

the faithful devote their lives to

spreading tales of people & things

that they have no real evidence of

whatsoever, in the hopes to keep the

disease alive & in the process,

condemning all of those that do

not follow suit, to whatever

imaginary consequences have

been decided by the lunatics that

came before them.


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