s/he wants to “save” you from yourself

to make themselves feel like they have a


as if they were put on this planet by some greater force,

something that spoke to them &


“dearest subject, you need to help johnny doe!

yes, you need to help jenny doe!  for they are on the

path to self-destruction”---

and yet,

the context of this destruction of the self

never changes---

the savior thinks that if they put a bandage on this

little cut,

that the whole body will feel better---

but the body of the world is getting sicker by the day &

all the cures, being unsatisfying, benign &

just plain boring,

do not suffice.



the failed “savior” sees themselves for who they really are

in the mirror one morning,

an addict like the rest of us,

seeing nothing in the reflection but a sickness

brought on by our fast-paced human progress &

increasing ignorance of health as a means of

sustaining the organism.


as the failed “savior” becomes addicted

her/his “purpose” is revealed to be a sham---

their whole world breaks down into the bare necessity

functioning components

which thrive only to get the next fix

of their chosen poison &

they take their place on the conveyor belt

being disassembled & refashioned


by the stresses of the world

whose relentless pounding

will only cease with the coming of

the machines.

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