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OP: Georgia I am disappoint.Trust  me, none of us want to "fake" miscarriages. Not that they're not fun,  except whoops, they're not.GUESS WHAT PRO-LIFERS, NEITHER ARE  ABORTIONS!!!!Ga. Law Could Give Death Penalty for Miscarriages | Mother  Jonesmotherjones.comIt's only February, but this year has been a tough  one for women's health and reproductive rights. There's a new bill on  the block that may have reached the apex (I hope) of woman-hating  craziness. Georgia State Rep. Bobby Franklin—who last year proposed  making rape and domestic violence "victims" iJake  LeMaster: Sickening mother fuckers full of so much shit their eyes are  turning brown... Sorry that possible law makes me livid..
OP: Makes YOU livid?? If that was law HERE, I'd be sitting on death row!!
AM: Ignorance is the new standard here in America, didn't you  know? Also, Wisconsin's fine, upstanding governor wants to tax poor  people, old people, and schools to... wait for it... give tax cuts to  businesses.
Jake LeMaster: Shit my post didn't post ARGH it was a long one
OP:  Nice to see men who actually GIVE A SHIT about women's choices. Thanks guys ♥
JM: It's astounding what lengths pro-lifer lawmakers will go to.  What's insane about this law is that the onus of proof in any potential  legal case is on the _mother_ to prove she did absolutely nothing to  cause the miscarriage. It's one of those things that really make the  pro-life movement look retarded. The fact that people still think it's  okay to take away women's reproductive rights is scary.
Jake LeMaster: What would come next...  Charging women that knew that they had problems conceiving that still  tried to have children with attempted murder every time they have  unprotected sex and went and bought a home pregnancy test or went to the  doctor to had one done... Human trafficking charges for people who  donate sperm and eggs to fertility clinics... Genocide charges for male  masturbation... It's all a bullshit pass to force the religious beliefs  of the masses on a state full of women who have the right to do what  they so choose with their bodies...
Jake LeMaster: Got most if not all of my post back on there...
OP: I wish I could click LIKE more than once, Jake that's awesome!!
AM: I don't believe in abortion entirely, to be honest. I'm fairly  pro-life, for the most part. I can understand exceptions where the  quality of life of the child is in danger, but if you're just slutting  around, and happen to get pregnant and decide to have an abortion  because of it, then you're a piece of shit who doesn't deserve to  breathe the same air as do.
Jake LeMaster: I'm political, abrasive and an angry fuck especially when it comes to "HUMAN" rights..
AM: Human rights are one thing. Being a stupid, irresponsible whore with no regard for human life is another thing completely.
Jake LeMaster: @AM... I'm not pro  life... I'm not pro choice... I'm pro get a fucking clue... Have your  shit together and be ready if your going to fuck without protection...
AM:That about sums it up for me as well. =D
OP: I'm pro choice whether it's the  woman's first or thirty-first abortion. Support one, support them all.  It's not my business what a woman does with her body. It's nobody else's  either.
OP: PS @AM, love you to bits, but you're slut shaming.
KF: Wow. I have no words.
OP: Kinda makes you glad you moved back to Canada, huh?
SF: Wait....abortions are ok. Ending a  pregnancy on purpose is a-ok. But a miscarriage, which is already soul  shattering, where a woman WANTED the baby...that's bad? This has got to  be a hoax. Maybe I'm rainbow fucking brite but people can't be THAT  stupid....
JF: i dont want to cause more sh.. here  but just wanted to point out pro lifers arent all religious... i know  people who are pro life who arent religious.... i know it usualy stems  from a religious stand point but not all the `main religious  arguements`(such as being pro life, or against same sex marriage etc etc  ) arent just the opinions of religious people..... just like not all  religious people are pro lifers... i was all ith jake until his last  point.. which agsint.. not trying to cause anything or put anyone down..  just as a christian wanted to point out we arent all evil :)....also the day a woman has to prove her miscarriage herself is the day i start my own underground pregnancy centre
JF: and on a side note to my darling "OP"..  you know i love ya.. but i sooooo disgaree with you...i do not believe a  woman has the right to do whatever she wants to her body when carrying a  baby.. im a dsw and ive seen too much fetal alchohol syndrome ( and  effect) and cocaine babies and all other sorts of disaibilites as a  result of the mother abusing her body while carrying....i personally  feel people are taking the"my rights" attitude too far... i dont know  where to draw the line myself, i really dont.. and im thankful to my  country for protecting my rights but i think we have now as a society (  north americans) taken it too darn far in "protecting our rights" we  still need to think of how our decisions and rights affect others around  us, the environment, and persons globally.... and thats my two cents in  respectuflly disagreeing with you :)
HF: "JF", you're my hero!
EF: wow look what I've started
LF: Wow "OP", you seemed to have changed your view. When did that  happen. Btw pro life (unless for a good reason) and not remotely  religious.
OP: Yes, I have changed my mind. I  think we'll be running a slippery slope if we legalize abortion for SOME  and not all, and I'm not saying a woman has a right to abuse the shit  out of her body while carrying a child, but if a woman wants to end a  pregnancy, I'm not going to judge her. Whatever the reason. Sorry that  upsets everyone but I'd rather some women have the right who some  shouldn't think have the right, to abortion, then ALL lose the right to  choose and end up with back alley abortions again. Or abusing their  bodies to purposefully end unwanted pregnancies.
OP: Also, pro-choice does not  necessarily mean pro-abortion, I think women in China being forced to  abort babies because they have too many is equally heinous.
JF:i dont judge someone who has had an abortion "OP". its not my place.... but im not going to agree with it :)....


JF: also I dont agree with legalizing something just so that people wont do it illegally...OP: So you don't think it's worthy of punishment by death? Because that's the law Georgia's trying to pass.
JF: oh i definetly disagreed with the article you posted hun.....
OP: Well, this has somehow  devolved  into an abortion debate when that's only half the issue. Also,  if it was  law HERE, I'd be on death row. I've had two miscarriages  here.
Jake LeMaster: The people that  make the  laws have a political agenda to appeal to the masses and the  masses are  the religious... You can not deny that fact... As well...  This issue  has nothing to do with alcohol abuse and drug abuse.. we are  speaking  for the innocent that will be caught in the crossfire if such  a thing  were to happen... Taking into consideration that the most  common cause  of miscarriages are Genetic disorders of the fetus and  Common infectious  and inflammatory diseases of internal organs.. These  are the people  more subject to this law... not the the stupid alcohol  abusing chain  smoking recreational drug using trailer park trash that  would be  expected..
Jake LeMaster: If that  politician had a  personal experience where his wife... or daughter..  had these kinds of  issues... they would instantly change their tune...  but since it has  nothing to do with them directly they have no problem  trying to put such  a wretched law through...
AF: I agree with you "OP". Women should always have a choice. I don't   want to get into a debate or argument with anyone but I just wanted  you  to know that I feel the same way as you. It sickens me that this  law is  even being considered. I have given up on this country. I am  moving to  Canada as soon as I graduate college next year.
OP: Honey, Canada's got its  own  problems, trust me. Let's you and me stay, get our voices heard and   bring America back to its original glory! WHO'S WITH ME!
AF I would stay if I thought we had a chance. If we can get enough   people brave enough to do it and intelligent enough to see the necessity   of it, then I would definitely stay and fight for this country.
SF: Everyone has their own beliefs. If you don't like abortion, don't   get one. No one should force their beliefs (political, religious, etc)   on anyone, period.
SF: ‎(and for the record, I am pro-choice for that very reason, but I   don't think I could ever get an abortion unless it was an extreme   reason, i.e.we would both die unless I had one, etc...
AF: Very well said  =>
SF: Thank you♥
JF: the issue of the article  wasnt  about being pro choice no.. however some of the comments made led  it  into some of the differing convos on this thread.. its bound to  happen..  "OP" you made a comment about woman being able to do what they  want to  thier bodies and i addressed it.. so you started it :P anyway  the  artcile also clearly stated youd be fine if you could proove you  had a  miscarriage.. i believe what the politician is trying to achieve  is  abortion being outlawed and ensuring people cant claim they had a   miscarriage after having an abortion.. not to punish people who had   actually had a miscarriage.. however, his plan, imo, is fatally flawed   in that it will in fact potentionally and quite probably hurt the   "innocents" hes trying to protect.... if you could proove you had two   miscarriages and not two abortions "OP" youd be fine... so yeah again,   just exaplining the article NOT agreeing with it :)and   "SF" in this world we HAVE to force our beliefs on people.. i know im   not going to explain this right... but basically.. lets say john belief   is that its ok to murder people.. so we allow him to murder people   because thats his believe but its ok cause we dont believe in that so we   just dont murder people.... murder is harming someone.. so therefore  we  have to impose our belief not to murder on that person..... so even  if  you leave it at that.. lets take it the one step farther... that if   someone believes abortion is murder then they have to fight for that   belief... (not to the point of how crazy some pro life people take it.. a   murder for a murder is no less right, or harming someone else etc etc)   .. i hate to see how the world has become so crazy in its fight for   rights as i said above.. but at the same time i never want to live in a   world where people didnt fight for what they believe in
JF: which i guess brings us to  "OP" and  me... i am pro life.. not pro choice.. however, it doesnt mean  i m  going to judge "OP" for her belief or persecute her.. if she wants  my  honest opinion ill give it to her.. if she ever came to me for  advice i  would tell her my beliefs and opinions.. and if she went ahead  and had  an abortion even though i told her my beliefs said no i would  still love  and support HER.. not her decision.. but HER.. however at  the same time  i will still fight for my right to have my belief...  anyway i feel im  getting off topic lol.. this article is just another  example of someone  taking things to crazy extremes and making other pro  lifers look like  crazy abortion doctor killing bible thumping  persecutionists
SF: The only thing I'm going to say about murder vs. abortion is that   there is a difference between someone already born, and someone who   isn't. What it boils down to with abortion is the question of when are   you actually "a life." For Joe Belief to murder someone who no one can   debate is already "alive" is way different, especially when no one   really knows when someone is "alive," before birth or after.(I'm trying   to phrase this the best way I can LOL).And "JF", as far as  "forcing"  beliefs on people, there IS a difference between "forcing"  and  "standing up for what you believe in." For example, let's use  gay  marriage. A lot of people say that God says it's a sin, so gays   shouldn't be married. HOWEVER, not everyone is religious or even   believes in God, and they shouldn't be FORCED to live by what OTHER   people believe in. Giving their opinons - "Knock, knock, who's there,   Jesus, Jesus who, jesus doesn't want you to do that because it's a sin.   please consider it, I dont want you to go to Hell, kthxbai" is a whole   other thing. But actually BANNING people fromAF: Well said again "SF"! I think you and I would get along quite well. Where have you been all my life? =)
SF: ‎(damn facebook being a douche to me)... to continue...but   actually BANNING people from doing what THEY believe is right FOR THEM   is wrong, in my opinion. Back to abortion, like I said, since the   "alive" debate is still up in the air, you can't really FORCE people not   to get abortions...you know they're going to anyway. They did before,   they will again, whether in the US or another. They will illegally   REGARDLESS if it takes their own life. And you NEVER know the future, I   know people who are deeply religious who swore they could NEVER have an   abortion, and wound up needing one. Extreme case, sure, but they had  one  just the same. You really never know.
SF: ‎@AF...I don't know, in a cave somewhere, planning the overthrow of the US government and my rise to the Queendom :-)
AF: You have my vote
SF: Wouldn't really need a vote in my coup, but I thank you, loyal subject♥


JF: I am not going to be able to   do  this right cause now I'm on my cell lol.. "SF" I'm not goi g to  say  your  wrong I'm going to say I disagree with u though.. Which  doesn't  mean  I'm judging or telling u off I'm just now throwing in my  two cents  as  well... I agree there is a diff between an already born  person for   murder as u stated but for me the difference is only that  that person   has been born.. Yes the abortion debate stems from when is  life life but   as a mother of three I have felt that life inside of me  long before   they were "viable" .. And look how far we've come twenty  years ago a   baby at 23 weeks wasn't viable now we have saved babies as  early as 22   weeks and some odd days fast forward another twenty years  or even fifty   and who knows what we could save so is it just being  born that makes  you  a life??? I myself personally disagree and that's  where my pro life   beliefs come in how do we know when a fetus becomes  life ?? And I  prefer  to error on the side of caution and say it's life  when it's life  ...  The fear is that when people try to determine when  someone is  human we  don't really know and it's just an educated guess  and were be  oming more  educated all the time and fi ding out previous  thoughts were  wrong so  again I'd rather err inthe side of caution...  Again I can't  explain this  properly but hope I'm making some sense  lol.. I fear that  as this  artcile shows people go to such extremes  that if we allow  ourselves to  determine what is and isn't life we will  take it too far  so now a baby  before a certain number of weeks isn't  life tomorrow a  baby with a  disability is no longer life ( and look at  the parents of  Elliott thr  baby with trisomy 13) an then next week a  blind baby isn't  etc etc... I  know that seems crazy but look at this  article humans take  things so far  trying to draw thier lines ... Will  have to cont in a  min :)
JF: And yes I agree there is a   diff  between fighting for your breliefs and forcing it on others but I   still  feel we have to do it at times ( for example look at the Mormon   scandal  with the guy who was marrying young girls it was thier belief   that it  was ok for him to marry and impregnant young girls ) ...
JF: Damn my post didn't post I don't think
JF: U can't force people to not   get  abortions but you also can't force people to not beat thier kids  so   should we legalize that??? ( I am in no way saying that's the same  I'm   pointing out I don't think things should be legalized just because    people are going to do it anyway)
JF: Ok my post worked just   didn't show  up on my cell... Anyway, that's my two cents but were   really not goi g  to get anywhere the abortion topic has been going on   forever so before I  offend someone I'll leave it that those are my   belefs and the reasons  why I have them, on the other hand I will not   judge someone who has had  one nor will I sit Herr and tell "SF" I think   she's going to hell or  whatever cause she's entitled to her opinions I   do think however we can  both agree this law in this article is b.s.  :)
JF: Ok two more cents then I'm   done  sorry for taking over your post "OP" LOL.. As a Canadian I say   come on  over "AF" we rock!!! :) but "OP" is right Canadian have issues   too were  not a perfect country and "OP" has a good point in saying  stay  there and  fight for change ( even though "OP" should be back in  Canada  so I can  see her .. :P. ) ok I'm done :D
Jake LeMaster: You are aware   that the  entirety of your post while saying that you will not say   someone is  wrong.... Has only the one focus in defending your position   as correct.  Making the implication that in fact even though people do   not agree with  you and you can accept they have different beliefs...   Doesn't make them  right... I'm not trying to say you sound exactly like   a politician  using spin try to say something as nice as possible...   but you are... A  spade will and forever be called a spade... unless the   person viewing  the cards is blind...

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