the eyes of a child see what

is happening &

they know it’s not good---

they see the facial expressions

of the loved ones round them,

stressed out & angry,

saddened & depressed,

trying to squeeze a cent out of

every possible path left

to the increasing poor of the



the eyes of the child are then

fed lies,

for whenever they open up their

mouths to ask why things are

going awry,

their own parents, their own

caregivers, do their best to make

things sound the least worrying,

they do their best to calm themselves

in the doing &

the child has no idea why this is,

when they are young---

they only see the lie

plastered all over the faces of the



inevitably the child will get older &

these questions do not cease---

for even if they succumb to the lie at

the time of that early questioning,

they will return &

they will return on their own,

searching online, spending hours upon

hours to get their own answers &

after doing so,

they will come back to you with the

questions again,

wanting a new answer this time…

why did you lie in the first place?


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