Ex-Athiest writing a book on how to save you godless heathens

hi there friends. i am an ex athiest and im a putting togethter a book/blog for christians about understanding and then saving athiests. I PROMISE, I AM NOT TRYING TO SAVE YOU! but i would greatly appreciate your input.

like i said i used to be an athiest. actually i was more of an anti-christian. i was very thorough wile compiling my arsenal of anti-christian material, and was very articulate when fighting christians. i had a long list of great arguments against christianity, but i could use more.

lets face it. alot of christians are annoying, i agree, but the big idea here is that most christians have absolutely no concept of life without god. so they dont understand athiesim at all. one of the purposes of my book is to illustrate that athiests are not all terrible satanists. that alot of them are actually really good hearted people.

if you are willing to help me out i would appreciate it. if not, feel free to tell me to go to hell lol... please respond to the following 2 statements/questions

what is your best argument against jesus. not god, but jesus specifically????

what is the most annoying thing about christians? or what do you dislike about christians???? 


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Comment by Obfuskation on January 20, 2013 at 12:02pm

My first post gave my answers to the OP’s initial questions.  I want to take a minute now to comment on other impressions I’m getting from this thread.

Regarding the book
The OP claims to be writing “a book/blog for Christians about understanding and then saving atheists”, and that “it is a book for Christians. and many of them are curious about my transformation”.  Then we have the caveat that “there are a few very close people in my life that, yes, i have an interest in saving. the rest of the world? to each his own i say.”  The lack of consistency tells me that the OP really has no clearly defined idea of what this book is supposed to be, if there is a book idea at all.

Regarding the OP’s atheism
The OP makes repeated statements that he was an atheist (for 30 years, with a caveat that he was more of an anti-Christian), and that he had an impressive list of counter-arguments against Christianity that he could articulate well.  At the same time, he is using terms like “devout atheist”, and says that he has “felt more judgment from atheists in 2 years of being a Christian than from Christians out of 30 years of atheism.”

The claim that he was debating Christians with a strong list of counter-arguments would indicate a well researched, active atheism.  Yet, we see things like “devout atheist”, “atheists are not all terrible Satanists”, “i spent my whole life surrounding myself with like minded people”, and an explanation of how he used to make his arguments that would indicate a novice level understanding of atheism from the perspective of a theist.  I claim that this inconsistency is an indicator that the OP’s claims are at least exaggerated, or at most fabricated.

Regarding the OP’s new found Christianity

I started to realize that the only reason I hated Christianity was because I didn’t fully understand it.
the only reason I hated Christians was because I had felt judgment from people who claimed to be Christian.
I started learning more and witnessing a few miracles of my own
I realized then that I was only studying words and wasn’t too concerned what it all meant in context

This is standard theistic trope.  As I stated above, any atheist who has done any homework would know these statements for what they are; erroneous perceptions of atheism from a theist’s perspective.  I see these as additional indicators that the OP’s claims are either exaggerated or fabricated.

I want to specifically address two more things.  I’ll start with this:

I realized then that I was only studying words and wasn’t too concerned what it all meant in context

The words provide the context.  The specific statements of a work act as bricks that make up the wall that is the overall picture.  Once you start claiming that words and phrases don’t mean what they say, you abdicate any ability to argue the meaning of those words and phrases, because you’ve just left them open to any interpretation that anybody chooses to give them.

…and I’ll end with this:

i no longer feel the need to prove or justify or defend my beliefs.

1 Peter 3:15  “be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you”

I doubt that you were the atheist that you claim to be, I am sure that you were no skeptic, and I get the impression that you should probably work to shore up your Christianity if that is the route you want to go.

Comment by Stutz on January 20, 2013 at 11:01pm

what is your best argument against jesus. not god, but jesus specifically????

This question makes me think you've been swayed by the C.S. Lewis "lord, liar, or lunatic" argument, which asserts that, given Jesus' claims, there are three possibilities: he was actually the son of God, he was lying about it, or he was insane. They then cite some scripture and make various arguments that eliminate liar and lunatic, so that he could only be (viola!) the one true Lord. I've heard many Christian media personalities claim that the most important question anyone can ask oneself is "who do I think Jesus was?", which is often a precursor to the LLL argument. My answer is that this is a false trichotomy (like a false dichotomy, but there are three options presented instead of two). There is, at least, a fourth L to be considered: legend. The Jesus story is a legend, much like King Arthur or Odysseus. It's not about assessing Jesus's personality, it's about whether we can believe the things we are told about him. Imagine applying the LLL argument to King Arthur—it would be a ridiculous thing to do because we don't assume the King Arthur legend is a factual historical account, even though it was likely based on real persons and events.

what is the most annoying thing about christians? or what do you dislike about christians????

I don't dislike the Christians I know and love in my everyday life, obviously. I do dislike that there are some opinions they hold that seem like they are the result of Christianity corrupting their thinking. I have a female co-worker, probably the nicest, happiest person I know, who occasionally says the most shockingly misogynisic things, like about how women are not as smart as men, or shouldn't be engaging in certain masculine activities, or how her husband makes the decisions about their money and lifestyle as the head of the household.  She has also told me that they do not even have retirement accounts because they give most of their income to their church! It's disgusting, and so sad (they are nearly 40 and have three kids)! It almost goes without saying that she is homophobic (in the love-the-sinner-hate-the-sin kind of way).

One of my best friends, who knows I'm an atheist, has suggested I pray for help with a medical issue. My mother tries to give me books to read that look like interesting nonfiction, but are actually elaborate testimonials written by Christain authors. This is the kind of stuff I am annoyed by, but mostly am disappointed by. I love these people but why do they have to be so dumb in some ways? But I know why: they've bought into Christianity, they've cast their lot with this worldview, and it corrupts their thinking in subtle ways.


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