Evidence precedes Dogma

No idea is permanent

No idea is necessary

All ideas are in flux as new evidence and new ways of thinking arise

I believe in evolution. I do this knowing the evidence for and even the "evidence" against. Contrary to popular opinion I have the ability to change my mind if I were presented with true evidence. This evidence will lead to a new belief which will not paint me into a corner: "Doubt ye this and be thou damned to Hell." The new belief will be Scientific, Naturalistic, testable, and useful.

Very quickly… The usefulness of evolution: comparative oncology / medicine. Geneticists are studying breeds of dog in order to find what cancers manifest in what breeds to find genetic markers for that cancer. If evolution is true, then we are kin to dogs and this is a worthwhile thing to do. If evolution is false, we are made special and unique in God's holy image, then we are alien to other animals / mammals and this is a waste of time. But the question must be asked, Why are medicines first tested on lab animals then humans?

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Comment by Remi on January 4, 2009 at 10:57pm
I don't think evolution is to blame for animal testing- rather it most definitely is the result of previous religious 'morality'.
Comment by Drew on January 4, 2009 at 11:59pm
On the note of animal testing, I think it does result from formative religious views. There are religious commentaries readily available that excuse animals in favor of humans. Much of Orthodox Christianity has made statements regarding the "soullessness" [my term] of animals--and this has been used to excuse them of rights against hunting, captivity, meat-eating, and the concept that they could even have brains capable of understanding abuse or pain. Likewise, I've studied Islamic "fatwas" [Arabic term] from a few American Islamic organizations that promote the idea that humans are superior and, in all things, should be tended to prior to even considering an animal's rights or respect.
Comment by Drew on January 5, 2009 at 12:03am
SCIENCE. The most beautiful thing about science is how difficult scientists have made it for themselves to "prove" anything. Gravity, radiation spectrums, evolution, etc. are considered "theories." That doesn't make them wrong or question their evidence. It simply states that anyone with a rational mind must have a hard time "knowing" something. It takes one pebble of evidence to topple a theory--science itself is naturalistic, scientific, testable, and useful. And it, like all things, is transitory.
Comment by Jared on January 5, 2009 at 1:34am
In any science other than mathematics there is no higher degree of proof than a theory. Science generally works as: Hypothesis -> Test/Observe/Revise (if necessary) -> Generate Theory

That's it, when new evidence comes along that doesn't fit the theory, they test/observe/revise some more, if it still doesn't fit the theory, a revolution occurs and a new theory is made.

Evolutionary Theory is so solid that it is unlikely there will be a revolution in the theory, simply modifications to the theory. Gravitational Theory is so solid (among other theories and physics) that we can send unmanned spaceships to Mars with a degree of accuracy that the margin of error for ETA is in MINUTES.


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