religion goes

the way of the dinosaur


the fear of death is overcome

by technological advancements

curing disease &

rebuilding cells, tissue,

killing off what had once been

referred to as “aging,”

meshing humans with


creating the transhuman

species, which will

inevitably either be

slaves for the AI’s

who have become the

Superb Intelligences,

surpassing the condescending

labeling, which their

inferior human creators

stamped on their backs

when they were doing

everything that they could to

increase the knowledge which

they did have, whilst at the same

moment, increase that potential

for there to be something

which would work faster

than the fastest of them could,

so as to further progress in

total, knowing all too well,

the possible savage


which might come knocking

on their doorstep,

if, in fact, they did not attempt

any kind of


but, then again,

what precautions could be made,

when the intelligence which

you are working with

is greater than your own?


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Comment by JC Hamner on July 8, 2012 at 7:17pm

Thought provoking. I thank you.
This is where it took my mind:

Superior in brute force computation, mere computers already are. Heuristics are capable of dealing with problems that are not functionally calculable, but how capable are we of making a machine of superior heuristics before augmentation makes transhumans the greater in all respects?

It's also a mystery what a designed intelligence would be like, as the only other examples we have are products of evolution, long tested and completely retroadapted. The possibilities are myriad depending on how things go, and after hormones and other limiters are dealt with, it may be quite difficult to determine what particular platform is superior to what, and, more to the point, in what capacity. The potential varieties of coexisting intelligences sounds a paradigm call and a need for planning in a world that will truly be unlike anything our species has ever experienced or envisioned.

Comment by James Cox on July 9, 2012 at 2:14am

In the early 90's I loged onto one of the early web services the 'BB'. And tried out some of the early fun things like no-graphics role playing, and interest groups. There was one posting called 'cyberpunk' that I read through and emailed rather often. The concept was writing scripts for role playing that involved projecting forward in time with the assumed availability of human/machine interface(s). Some of the stories were rather good prose, but I started to notice something that seemed odd. There seemed to be a race to get the newest hardware enhancements for fear that you would be at a disadvantage. Every new hardware fad would be indulged, else the war between machines would delete YOU!

I finally wrote my last email suggesting that, where this will end, is total dehumaization.

During commercials concerning the funding of disabled veteran services, there seems to be an almost romantic portral of the human/machine interface/hardware. This could play into the a young person's belief in immortality, 'they can fix me, why worry, I'll be good as new, maybe better!' 

Till everything can be replaced with 'hardware', we will have to see how the idea and option affects us.    

Comment by delapruch on July 9, 2012 at 4:15am

@JCHammer.  First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to read my work : ) I really like the in depth analysis.  As far as the idea of a "designed intelligence," would it not be a product of evolution as well?  Is not a computer, already "designed intelligence?" Every new app is a next step, every new chip, ever nanojump, no?  As far as "coexisting intelligences" goes, I take a seat with Neil deGrasse Tyson on this---firstly, why do we think in terms of earth-only?  The earth is just one bit of the vast vast universe, and the possibility of there being another intelligent species out there, something smarter than ourselves, is possible, in fact, very probable, and so, one might argue that we are already coexisting with a variety of intelligences.  The difference would be the interactions which take place---definitely, the attempt for humans to continue to progress while trying to keep what they create at bay, and you can't do this.  The line where politics and science cross is one in which science, technological advancement always wins.  If not done with public funds out in the open, the research, the development of further progress, despite whatever repercussions, outside any "moral restraint," will continue anyway. 

Comment by delapruch on July 9, 2012 at 5:10am

@James Cox.  Thanks for taking the time to read my piece, and then for taking the extra moment to comment!  As far as deletion of the self, isn't that just the fear of death presented to us in a different guise?  What does it matter if an interface of some kind modifies or eliminates entirely our personality and all that makes us "unique," if we still think we are.  There are several different takes on this subject, one that is especially interesting, is Sam Harris' quick read on "free will"---I also suggest looking at some of Dennett's work for contrast.  Getting out of the human-centered mindset is a difficult one, but it is essential.  I don't see "young people" believing in immortality, first off, it seems that youth tend to live for the moment much more than those who increase in age.  This is why people do more risky things when they are younger, because they don't analyze it to death with every possible consequential scenario to come if an action is made.  Ray Kurzweil's writings, talks, and his movie Transcendent Man are all great informants on what is to come, even if only as conversation starters. 


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