So I caught this article recently

it depicts religion programs specialist Phillip Chute who has two tours of duty in Iraq/Afghanistan and follows a Navy chaplain, Moran, throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. The irony of it is, Chute is an atheist. Hooray for our team! To sum up the article, a creationist bible thumping chaplain runs around thinking nothing bad will happen to him because kids in Virginia pray over some napkins, and we wears them on his head...I know typical christian. So Chute does not care about who he has to protect, just that he stays alive. On the other hand the chaplain complains and whines and pouts about how this atheist protects his life. Not only that, but credits god for keeping him alive. You hear one pearl of wisdom from Moron...sorry, MorAn, that he sticks with Chute for his experience and not his faith. Well isn't that fucking convenient!

So if please read the article, since I laced this post with some bias, and please comment.


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Comment by Mario Rodgers on September 23, 2010 at 12:03am
Those bullets are real. Your god is not.


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