Evangelical Christian Business Owners vs. Moral Atheist Employee

NOTE: The following story is heavily abridged, and some specific details have been deliberately omitted for various reasons. However, I have the documentation to prove beyond any doubt that everything stated below, and more, is absolutely true.

In 2006, I was hired by a local company as their new IT Administrator.  One of the company's vice presidents, a self-proclaimed Evangelical Christian and leader of a gospel musical group, took it upon herself to save my soul once she learned of my own beliefs.  It really wasn't that big a deal to me until the election of 2008 rolled around.

Comments from the executives (all extreme right-wing conservatives) ranged from complaining about the "Zimbabwafication of America" to "Too many happy employees in the building today. I'm going to go out to the parking lot and look for Obama bumper stickers so I know who to lay off first."  The Evangelical Christian VP made some of the most racist comments of all, but this was only a foreshadowing of future events.

In March, 2009, during a routine verification of system backups, I discovered child pornography on the laptop of another vice president.  I'm talking about multiple videos containing pre-adolescent and adolescent minors engaging in various forms of sexual activity, both with other minors and adults.  I called my supervisor, who just happened to be the Evangelical Christian discussed above, and told her we needed to contact law enforcement immediately. However, this was not done, and the laptop in question was taken from me so that my supervisor could take it to a "third party forensics specialist." This was supposedly to protect me from any claims of planting the material in question. All of the system backups for this laptop were subsequently deleted by my supervisor, despite my stringent objections about destroying evidence.

Early the next morning, I received a phone call from my supervisor informing me that her car had been broken into during the night and the laptop in question had been stolen. A police report was filed, of course, but with all evidence of any crime now missing, there was nothing I could do.  Later that week, the "stolen" laptop was turned on and put online.  I know this due to a small script I had installed on all laptops in the event of theft immediately "phoning home" to the corporate network, giving me the public IP address from which it had originated. Not surprisingly, it traced to the hometown of my supervisor who had declared the laptop stolen.

Long story short, I spent the next three years documenting evidence of what happened, including instances where my supervisor confessed to me that the whole thing had been orchestrated "to protect the company," and the laptop in question "had been under her bed the whole time."  That laptop eventually ended up in the possession of her daughter, and it was brought into me several times for maintenance and repair, albeit not with the original hard drive, which had been destroyed.

In August of 2012, a second laptop emerged within the company that had once belonged to the same vice president as the laptop with the child pornography. An attempt was made to sneak it out of the building without me knowing about it, which failed miserably, and I began insisting to all of the executives that law enforcement be notified so that proper forensics could be performed on this second computer.  I did not back down from this position, despite several long meetings trying to convince me otherwise.  That was on a Friday.  I was terminated from my job first thing the following Monday morning.  I live in an "at will" state, which leaves me with no recourse.

The evidence I collected between March, 2009, and August, 2012, comprises 1.2 GB (with a "G") of data, and is absolutely irrefutable.  So far, I have contacted the FBI, our local police department, our State Police, and our State Attorney General's office. I have either been completely ignored or told that the case has been "transferred to the appropriate people."

I currently remain unemployed, despite dozens of applications for various jobs.  Fortunately, my wife's salary covers all of our monthly expenses as long as we are very careful with our spending.

So, to summarize:  an atheist employee who did nothing wrong and was attempting to get the company to to the ethical, moral and legal thing was fired by an Evangelical Christian who uttered racist slurs, lied repeatedly, filed a false police report, refused to notify law enforcement of a felony committed by a fellow vice president and took very deliberate steps to destroy all evidence that said felony had ever taken place, essentially protecting a pedophile from investigation and prosecution.  To make matters worse, this man has a daughter entering adolescence.  Law enforcement apparently couldn't care less, so I essentially stood my ground and lost my job for nothing.

My family wonders why my beliefs have not only solidified over the past few years, but have transformed from a "live and let live" attitude toward Christianity into a deep-seated, seething hatred.  Where I was once (mostly) respectful of others' beliefs, I am now openly hostile towards all organized religion, especially Christianity.  I cannot begin to fathom how any human being can justify this kind of immoral behavior, much less rationalize such gross hypocrisy within themselves.  Just typing this story has gotten me enraged all over again.  I'm not even sure why I'm doing it on this forum, other than thinking that people who share my beliefs might at least understand my rage.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Comment by Jorita on March 16, 2013 at 6:02pm

From what I just read, you are allowed to be angry and frustrated. This is sad so, so sad that this had to happen, and yes as usual it is the children that have no voice.  I do hope you find a job soon. 


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