This is my last report regarding
my mission to evaluate the beings of this world.
Thirty of this planet’s orbital cycles ago
I arrived here by Refracted Linear-Light/Fold.
Since then I have lived, worked, and played alongside
these beings in the guise of one of their own.
Universal Protocols remain intact.
I have had no ill-effect nor have I changed anything.
The knowledge I have gathered from observing
this world will enrich our own.
-be,  MOjsz-


What follows is an overview with comment-
EVALUATION- DU/,E69424. report:  earth
~lrembe.MOjsz, xrs.

Of the life forms I have observed here, the dominant species that call themselves ‘humans’ warrant mention for their awkward mental state and puzzling behavior. Although humans are the only level-2 technologically advanced species on this world, they lack the emotional strength necessary to exist comfortably within their own psyches. Their emotions and fears define them.

Humans are skittish, nervous animals and panic easily. They are prone to complain of various imagined maladies such as “…feeling ‘a void within themselves”, or “something missing from their lives”. Similarly, they speak of feelings that disturb them such as ‘lonely’, ‘empty’, or ‘lost’.
The daily lives of humans are full of things that scare them. The everyday uncertainties and dangers of their world cause them great anxiety and stress. For many, their everyday existence can be an overwhelming ordeal. They are disturbed by questions they cannot answer, and fear what they do not understand.

To lessen their fear of the unknown, and reduce the stress of their worrisome unanswered questions, they craft their lives around ancient stories from the days and lives of their ancestors. These stories are connected cautionary-tales, camp-fire stories, and rules of conduct designed to control their daily lives. They are comforted by the answers their ancient ancestors derived from the stories, and accept the same answers for their own questions in the present.
Story followers live by the written word of their ancestors, eat similar foods as their ancestors, and dress in similar attire. They recite segments of the ancient text and quote their story-heroes.  They go to great lengths to re-enact story events, and essentially act as participants in their ancestor’s stories.
They busy themselves and adorn their lives with all manner of ancient custom, decoration and practices relating to their story; bells and baubles, hats and robes, shrines and temples, wine and incense, bowing and praying, and rituals and ceremonies. Like thespians, they continuously perform their lives as an improvised stage-show based on the ancient stories, complete with wardrobe, sets and music.
In most religious stories there is a central hero, a parental-figure referred to as a ‘god’. Gods are considered perfect, omnipotent beings. They are found in all the stories and they all claim to be the creators and rulers of the universe.

For the common individual, following a religion offers a ready-made and time-honored structure they can count on for moral support in dealing with their worrisome lives. Joining a group of story followers gives them relief from their loneliness. Opportunistic beings by nature, in most stories they are also offered a reward for living their lives faithfully, and following the rules of conduct until death.

There are over ten-thousand stories currently being re-told around the globe. Stories are integral to the makeup of human societies. Some religions have existed for centuries, attracting millions of loyal followers called, ‘believers’. Religions of this size are essentially global business organizations, influencing large segments of the population, and controlling large areas of the planet politically, economically, and militarily.
Unfortunately, some religions have problematic rules of conduct. Some religions contend that to follow any religion other than theirs, is a crime punishable by death. As you can imagine, this creates a constant tension between all parties involved.

This world-wide obsession with religion would be a harmless aberration if not for the ease with which millions of humans can be coerced by religious leaders into acts of aggression and war.  Religion is used regularly as a reason to exert power and commit regional and global violence.
Malice aside, billions of humans practicing different religions separates the species into competitive groups, and each group is forced to act on the assumption that they alone are the superior group. This is common to most religions. Because every group assumes their superiority, the planet continues to be in the same dysfunctional, feudal, tribal state it has been for centuries. 

Religion hinders and complicates every human endeavor, and its competing ideologies endanger the safety of the entire population. The political arguments and constant battling between religions is in part why three billion out of the seven billion humans on the planet are either ill, dying, or at best living in poverty waiting to die.

As you know, we have observed these beings from a far for some time. I can report that our initial impressions of them were accurate; they are the strangest life-forms I’ve encountered on any of the worlds I’ve observed. Just as they've done for centuries, they continue to flounder intellectually while acting out their ancestor’s stories and religious fantasies. 

They have made very few attempts to utilize their minds past perfecting their egos. They seem to be quite content with creating, and fighting over their world of things.

Aside from this mental dysfunction, they appear benign in all other aspects of their existence. Except for some crude attempts at off-world exploration, I think our concerns are unfounded; they will never manage to leave their planetary system in any great number, let alone threaten other inhabited worlds. I predict the species will either self-destruct, or simply die out long before they end their obsessions, and their minds become fully functional.

Observer comment:
I will add that I have enjoyed observing these beings. They are strange, self-limiting, and self-destructive, yet endearing in an amusing way.


This has been an abbreviated version of my full official report filed:  7590.Ut0004.k97.

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Comment by Strega on May 29, 2013 at 12:57pm

That's wonderful, I like the way you have taken such a passionless view of humanity:)

Comment by angela kozma on May 29, 2013 at 1:18pm

well written. 

Comment by Logicallunatic on May 29, 2013 at 1:30pm

That really showed religion for the mental disease that it is. 

Comment by Mabel on May 29, 2013 at 3:07pm

That was cool.

Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on May 29, 2013 at 5:49pm

Klaatu barada nikto

Comment by Diane on May 29, 2013 at 6:39pm

I don't get it that people don't get it.  We have something as amazing as life on this planet, and many of us spend way too much time fighting with each other and fooling ourselves.  

Comment by Ed on May 29, 2013 at 10:42pm

The dissemination of this report from off needs to be carefully controlled or our planet will be dealing with yet another belief system.


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