I will freely admit that I wouldn't vote for Obama again, if I had any other choice, but I fear the republican alternatives are much worse, and to vote for a third party candidate would be spitting into the wind.  My question for the conservatives on TA is: would you really vote for Perry or Bachman if they are nominated, and why?

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Comment by Godless Conservative on September 28, 2011 at 11:30pm

Total political junkie here.  My blog http://godlessconservative.com


Bachman doesn't have a chance so don't even sweat it.  She never really did.  Perry is self imploding and probably out of it as well, but yes.  I actually voted for him when I lived in Texas.


Thing is the President's job is to run the government.  I consider socialists to be right in line with creationist when they look at historical evidence.  The US is the economic powerhouse of the world, and it's capitalism that gets you there.  This seems very self evident and the only thing supported by the evidence.  Capitalism everyone, even the poor is better off.  Our poor have cell phones and TVs.....


When I hear Obama talk he seems every bit as out of touch with reality as a creationist.  Thinking that you can screw business and they aren't just going to go somewhere that won't screw them is delusional.  Go look at the state that does it most, California.  Have you seen the unemployment numbers there?  It's because business is leaving them like crazy.  They can leave the US just the same.


So I can pick a religious nut who gets how to run the country and will get shot down on the nutty religious things.  Or I could pick another anti-business socialist like Obama...and watch the economy melt like it has.


Not much of a decision.


FYI:  I like Newt and Herman Cain, neither one of which is all that religious.  Newt is a Christian, but sane about it and has publicly said that he gets evolution. Cain says it isn't our business, and I agree with that totally.  Religion has nothing to do with the ability to fix the economy.


I've noticed that religious pandering doesn't go very far.  The Tea Party is a force, and in spite of what is said religion is never even a topic with the emails and meetings I've been a part of.  Making the government smaller is.  The left is trying to portray it as something that it isn't.  And putting religious beliefs out there first, when you have political differences with it is exactly what is killing Perry.

Comment by Brady on September 28, 2011 at 11:45pm
I really think Obama, Perry, and most other candidates are the same. what I mean by that is they are all mindless politicians that are working for lobbyists and corporate interests. We need someone that can gave give America a long term vision that unites the major parties. If Cain or Paul do not get the nomination I am voting third party. I don't see it as throwing away my vote. Its how I voice my opinion I am not happy with either candidate. Imagine if a third of america voted based on how they felt and not based on media spin, we probably wouldn't be in such a mess. Its too just bad that people are so easily lead around by the media. Remember their business is ratings an ad revenues. nothing sells better than gossip and that is what our media boils down to.
Comment by Thaddeus Dombrowski on October 2, 2011 at 12:10am

I definitely wouldn't vote for Perry or Bachman.  Obama and Romney are believers, but they show a tendency to invest more rational thought into their decisions than Perry or Bachman.  It's as simple as that.  We have to live with the fact that candidates have to profess some sort of religious belief to be accepted by mainstream America.  But, if they are too enthusiastic about their beliefs, if dominates their thinking rather than being an aspect of it, I will oppose them.


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