It's effective
Spread everywhere
Controlling everything
Placed on your head even inside
This god is what brought you alive
This god that you can't even see
Is watching you even when you sleep
Won't wake you up or stop the crooks
But is counting the mistakes you do
Over and over writing down questions
For a case at the end of your eternity hearing
Submit and the devil will flee
You won't behave like what you think you should be
We will help you and tell you who you should become
If you don't comply there will be another death never to be done
How can you explain these things around
Ignore the graves in every town
For this revenge that you claim is our fault
Everyone is already guilty?
It's effective
Spread everywhere
They lie so they can stack money and claim to be blessed
Support god's house and you too may gain wealth
You are locked in and yes you are saved
So it doesn't matter what you act like later today
You might get a special timeout and then be on your way
But those that don't walk the same way we do
Thinking for themselves have gone and rebelled
Hell for them and spit thrown on their graves
I'm sure that Hell is an awful place
Still we will rise in the morning sun
Leaving them all behind
Bow to our gods or else
Say in god's name or else
Or else you'll get another death.
It's pretty damn effective.

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