My dad is from Algeria, but he's not a muslim. He did, however, marry a muslim woman from Morocco. They now live in a small town here in Denmark. I found a job in the town they're living in, and my dad welcomed me to stay at their place when i was working.

But today, i had to quit my job, because my muslim stepmom cannot accept me for eating pork once in a while and not believing in God, and therefore I have no place to stay while at work. So now im unemployed.

Discrimination of atheists goes on every day... and i'm sad about it.

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Comment by Great Dane on November 7, 2011 at 9:12am

Obviously she does not tolerate your beliefs so I see no good reason why you should tolerate her beliefs. I think you should keep your job and find a place of your own and simply quit your silly stepmom!

P.s.: Dejligt at se endnu en dansker her på TA - velkommen ;)

Comment by Danny Sanchez on November 7, 2011 at 10:47pm

I'm confused.... What does your stepmother have to do with your work? If it's your home that you lost then that can be easily remedied. Unless you are disabled and require your father's assistance you should be able to take care of yourself once you have a job. You might have to make some sacrifices but you will gain a greater appreciation for the things you don't have to give up and you will have a greater feeling of accomplishment when you find out you can take care of yourself.

I lived in my truck for over six months and the experience was very empowering. After everything I went through I feel like nothing can hurt me because I've already been through the worst.


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