It's at the very reach of our fingers. 


Do you hear it? The sound of silence. Not a child is worried about the ideas of the adult mind. In fact, even the adult's minds are unusually silent, and untouched by fears. The fear of hell and death is finally seen as illogical. Ajahn Chah once said, "When one does not understand death, life can be very confusing."


War is not a logical action, but like most illogical actions, it must start with an illogical ideology. That ideology is, in my opinion, religion. External war is always a byproduct of an internal conflict. It doesn't necessarily have to be on a biological level, however it always most certainly is on an opinionated level. I believe as the coming generation is ushered into this unforgiving and sometimes illogical world, a more scientific approach will be accepted, just to bring about peace. We as homo sapiens have a way of evolving. It's kind of in our nature, not just hypothetically, but literally. We have evolved over many, many years in every way possible. Our bodies morphed from very small beings in the water, to one day what we have now. Our brains, and our cognitive skills and abilities evolved in a fantastic way, as well.


 Isn't it time to continue our evolution? Have we really settled for identical jobs and careers behind computers in cubicles while going to a building every Sunday morning, being ordered by a man in a suit to do something or else we may burn for eternity in a non-existent realm? Have we settled for the control of what our children learn on a level of "knowledge acceptance via assimilation"? Have we actually settled for assimilation over individuality? Survival of the fittest is quite simply individuality over assimilation. Sometimes by thinking outside of the box, we realize that there is much more to be found than our ancient techniques and belief systems. Is a world full of innovative individuals living together in beautiful harmony and unity actually plausible? I think, yes. As human beings, we have the uncanny ability to think outside of the box. I believe we will find that we have spent centuries trying to get into a room we've already been in this entire time.


We do not lack the capability to think on a logical and scientific level. I have been quite inspired by Neil DeGrasse Tyson's very recent continuation of Sagan's television program, "Cosmos". In a world full of strange belief systems built upon fables, I believe it is time that we learn about a system that is not faulty, and most certainly not fable; our own solar system. If we are in search, though, for a fantastic and almost other-worldly belief, we need not look further than our own universe. This is a fantastic, and almost fictitious-seeming world which we live in. It is beautiful, it is mesmerizing, and yes, it is real. "Cosmos" accurately depicts how things truly are, 'a wondrous and magical world full of surprise and depth'. I dream of a world full of understanding and simple amazement at the beauty around us. I think that if we continue to seek for answers outside of our bodies, and our universe, we will sadly find nothing. Perhaps this is why religion has simply done absolutely nothing for anyone, anywhere. We as human beings very often try to discover a being that may or may not exist (but in my opinion most certainly does not), when we have yet to discover the beings that are right in front of our own eyes. If we would get our head out of heaven and hell, and put our heads in the stars, we may find more answers to our questions than we can even believe. 


Always remember, if no one else believes in you, I do. Take the step, and search through the illusions of religion and find that at the end of the day, nothing else exists except you, me and the entire universe. It is truly a magnificent place to be; what an amazing this it is, discovering us.


-Micah G. Armstrong


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Comment by Ari on March 31, 2014 at 8:26pm

I like this. I agree that religion has done very little for society in itself. Religion and ideologies that have little to no basis on reality has shown the scarier side of human nature like manipulation. People with religious faith like Isaac Newton founded the laws of gravity for the sake of his religious convictions and understanding the world. I really doubt that he got any answers from the Bible that people claim but I really think he just had a mind that saw more than what most can see. Science is what people have used by non-religious people or otherwise to find answers to our world. No matter what we think is true, science is there to tell us. Science may not be consistent, but because of it's quality to revise itself to be more accurate about reality is reason enough to accept it.

Comment by Micah Armstrong on March 31, 2014 at 8:53pm

Well said, Ari!


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