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I'm enveloped in a sea of people. I can feel my brain cells dying. Looking at the condition of the human race it can make one feel like crying. So many people following and never once questioning. Tragically complacent. People who feed on delusions, who obtain sustenance from the lies. Needing to be herded like sheep. Quite literally though. Is it ...the Lord is my Sheppard. It is disappointing really, that intellect is such a rare attribute. That people do not wish to produce thought with any depth to it. The mindless chattering of them all is overwhelming at the least. The revolutionaries are always the ones to pay for the short-comings of the general population. The ones who speak out, who go against the grain. Of course. Why would one listen to such nonsense. The world is spherical, though once believed to be flat. Who really needed to know that, stupid revolutionaries. People go by the book and use it as a means to discriminate against others. Namely the Bible. They MUST be good people though. All Christians are good people, right. They are Christians with ethics and morals...not that they have formulated but ones they have been spoon-fed. So it must be okay to discriminate against the gay and other minorities. Isn’t it. The bible says I can. Right. They cannot comprehend two men or women lying together. But guess what really makes sense. A flood. Yes that’s it. I’m quite sure the Lord made a flood, but first had to notify Noah. Have him make a huge boat to put 2 of every species in. That is impossible. Plus the predators would eat the prey. I’m glad they base their “facts’ on logic… right. That is it for now.

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