DeSwiss Pounds the Keyboard Once Again!!! :-)

Yeah and so, it's been a while since my last blog. Right?

Oh, did I mention before that I'm still kinda recovering from two surgeries last year? Yeah, bummer. Turns out I had aneurysms up the old wazoo, and could have keeled over dead at any moment. Seriously. Like in less than five minutes. They call it a Triple-A, only mine turned into a Quad, (i.e.- going in a 2nd time.).

It was however, a little encouragng somehow to learn that Albert Einstein also had this condition, and was successfully operated upon so that he lived another five years. Hopefully I will surpass Albert's score in this regard at least. Anyway, I try to live in the now more than I did before. But other than that, not much has changed. "Any day above the dirt is a good day," a friend of mine used to say. And she was right.

Of course me, I prefer to be cremated when I reach my sell-by date. And then thrown to the four winds. The very idea of me knowing that I'd be permeating all of you and everything else puts a smile on my face like nothing else. Sooooo, what else has been going on is this world of ours? Well for one thing I'd say non-believers are kicking some ass!

As someone who watched it unfold almost 60 years, I can tell you things are dramatically different. I have a pretty long perspective on things I s'pose, because Truman was President when I was born. A lot of crap has happened since then and I'm as surprised as anyone that I've live this far to see it. I never thought I'd actually see a black US President, even though I am less than enamored with the one that we ended up with. But that's another story.

Not only did I watch it all from the special pews of a holy-rolling preacher's kid, but I saw it go from Billy Graham, and morph into Oral Roberts and Jerry Falwell and Jim Bakker with his wife Tammy. All in living color somewhere, 24/7. (And they wonder why they did so many drugs in the 70's???). But now I can click Youtube anytime and listen to reason and logic. It wasn't always that way. Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris. And then there is one man who pushes the envelope perilously close to the truth, and is someone whose incisiveness of logic and of clarity that I admire, Pat Condell.

Sometimes things need to be put blatantly. With no chaser and no bullshit. Unvarnished.

Anyhow, I also wanted to log this blog-post because I ran across this story tonight......

Lawmaker Investigates Religious Harassment Worker Firings

Virginia McInerney

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Ohio House Insurance Committee chairman has begun investigating the firings of a trio of state employees who say they were fired for objecting to their boss's attempts to force her Christian beliefs on them. In a Thursday letter, Rep. Dan Dodd, a Hebron Democrat, wrote that the Feb. 16 firings by Virginia McInerney, director of the little-known Workers' Compensation Council, were "very troubling." "I have started gathering information on this matter and plan to utilize all available options to investigate this matter fully," Dodd wrote to Sen. Steven Buehrer, a Delta Republican who chairs the legislative board that oversees the council.

Dodd, who also serves on the board, also urged the GOP chairman to formally convene the council to look into the firings. Dodd's investigation will focus on allegations from the employees -- executive assistant Stephanie Irwin and staff attorneys Kim Finley and Shadya Yazback -- that McInerney fired them after they objected to her repeated attempts to bring religion into the state office. The three were McInerney's entire staff. The women complained that McInerney declared to the staff that she was sent by God to her job, inquired about their religious beliefs, called them in to pray aloud, cited scripture in her reprimands and said Satan was to blame for obstacles the staff encountered in their jobs. They accused her of wrongful discharge, religious discrimination and harassment, retaliation and age discrimination.


And so you see my fellow non-believers, the fight against the religiously delusional goes on. Salute!


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Comment by DeSwiss on March 8, 2010 at 5:02pm
Thank you Shine and Adriana, I'm taking it slowly this days because.... well there's no other way (hehe). Seriously, I lost quite a bit of muscle mass and I'm learning how much we take for granted doing the simplest things. But I feel better now that I can breathe. And after 40+ years I finally quit smoking!

As for McInerney, this one's a piece of work. Another graduate foisted upon us from Regent University. And she's an author! You should see her "Single Not Separate: How to Make the Church a Family" which is a tome extolling the virtues of being forever single and religious at the same time. Here's an excerpt from one of her reviews:

1. What do I do if I'm angry with God because he hasn't given me a spouse?

A while ago the Lord began to deal with me about my own anger toward him over my singleness. Frustration had been building inside me, and I wanted to blame God. After all, in his sovereignty, this was what he'd chosen, or allowed, for me—and I didn't like it. I knew I had to admit to my anger, but I was afraid to do so. I thought, I can't express that to God … I mean, this is God we're talking about! I can't yell at him.

Sure you can! Go ahead and scream at him!!! Oh, and then there's her other book, which if nothing else should be a great cure for insomnia: "Minimum wage and overtime compensation law: A primer on federal and state requirements." Sheesh.

Take care!


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