debunking judaism and christianity with style

Hey guys,

i haven't written in the site for a really long time so now's a great time to start- and i've got some great links.

1. A truely eye opening book titled "Jesus and Christ, a lawyer's Commentary".

This 800 page book literally disassembales the new testament, going verse by verse, and critically comparing it to known history, archeology, gospels that were not included in the canon, and especially jewish sources- showing clearly that the new testament is a heavily edited, poorly written work of fiction, leaving the reader with no real clue as to who jesus was, or what he wanted - if he even existed.

Was jesus a jewish preacher who spoke only to jews, and solely demanded they uphold the laws of the old testament? Or was he a preacher of a new religion speaking to the whole world in the name of universal values?

Matthew supports the first view- John the second...

the book also makes it clear that a preacher living in the jewish theocracy of ancient judea, actively encouraging his followers to break sabbath laws, claiming to be divine, and then weasling his way out of answering legitimate questions in the court room- certainly HAD IT COMING.

I began reading the book with no clue about christianity, and i was amazed at the level of detail it delves into- leaving no stone unturned. it left me with the profound understanding that nobody knows who the hell jesus was.

a must read!

2. the second link is to the English website of an israeli orgenization called "Daat Emet", meaning "true knowledge". An atheist orgenization founded by a ex-rabbis, devoted to exposing judasim as man made literature. This orgenization is one of a kind in israel, made up of ex-cleargy men who take the theological discussion to a whole new level- diving into the darkest corners of jewish literature, exposing every contradiction, fallacy and error over thousands of articles.

The logical key to debunking christianity and islam begins with debunking the "truth" of judaism.

I've been reading the webiste for months now, and it's truely fascinating.


after finding these two examples of literature that really pick apart judaism and christianity, i was wondering if there is a similar source on islam?

comments much appreciated.


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Comment by Blue Sage on September 16, 2010 at 10:16pm
On Islam, I've found and started reading "Why I Am Not a Muslim" by Ibn Warraq:
Comment by Chelsea Sherman on September 16, 2010 at 10:44pm
i tried googling that book but i can't find anywhere to buy it online. only the e-book version. :[
Comment by V John Merc on September 17, 2010 at 12:09am
It looks worthy of reading. I will definitely try it after finishing other books I'm reading. But off topic... Are you Adam Sandler?! Wow!


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