hi. This is my response to your efforts :-)

So after days of arguments and counter arguments, we get to the point where you want to show me, that your god Allah is the one and only true god.

So you dismiss all the other available scriptures as being corrupted by man, essentially rendering them useless for reference, since the nature and extent of the corruption can not be determined, nor, strangely enough, where these scriptures internally protected against falsification and corruption.

A fine point, tho the claim is hardly verifiable, it is a claim that can be taken seriously.

Then, when i ask the question of, how do you know that your god is the one and only, and your scripture is the true and unaltered manual dictated by your god, you bring references to "other previous" scriptures as to have references to establish the legitimacy of your prophet, and your scripture and ultimately your god. This argument is fallacious, since you have invalidated those very scriptures in your previous argument by calling them corrupted by man ... so we move on. And i still pose the lingering question of why Allah, why not some other god, since there are an abundance of them, most of them are quite vengeful if you pick the wrong god to worship, and as an ultimate proof you post me this http://bit.ly/iWb2Kd and here http://twitpic.com/55fcu5 for proof. These are 3 quotes from the Koran that clearly establishes Allah as the most high, ever present, all powerful protector and provider of leadership and soles. But remember, these are three quotes to prove the legitimacy of Allah as the the one and only, true god of everything and everyone, taken directly from the book of Allah, the Koran. The argument is of course is fallacious, because it is circular. And since you can't present a correct argument or any descent evidence to prove the legitimacy of your claims, then your claims to truth and validity, and your so called god's claims to supremacy and power are baseless and invalid.


i know about the different levels of hell, but this one looks more like a camp fire. Now what is universally missing, and strongly indicative of the human origins of the Koran, is that hell is always a chemical reaction fire. If it would have said, for example, that hell is hot as the halo of the sun for example. i would say, there is something that has surpassed contemporary human knowledge, now it could still be a wild guess, but it would be a very solid one :-) Koran could have even done better, and could have explained for example, that the other stars, are actually suns like our own, that would have been something you know, like divine, but it does not. Koran could have predicted human space flight for instance, and specified prayer times and orientation from low earth orbit for example, but it didn't, instead the Muslim astronaut had to ask for a fatwa regarding that ... :-) And even that would have been simple, compared with the issue of prayer from mars. Towards earth would the the simple and primitive answer, but even that would be tricky, since the earth sometimes would be high in the sky, or deep underneath the horizon, and if that was not enough, does the prayer needs to happen according to martian time, or earth time? and do we take into consideration the 45 minutes it takes light to travel between earth and mars... None of this is mentioned or catered for. Did Allah not foresee these things happening, or did he think, his book would not be considered relevant by the time these things happened, or was the entire Koran written by iron age monks, just to screw with everybody. And don't bring the he testing us argument, since and omniscient god, and Allah did not stop short of claiming omniscience for himself, knows everything, i mean everything that has or will ever happen, and he does so from day one...



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