I'm writing this post after overhearing a conversation between two psychologists on the train today. They were talking about how frustrated they are with the Israeli justice system, with its extremely lax penalties towards sex offenders.


the story one of them told was about a patient of her's -  a girl, raped by her father from the age of 4 to 17. Since she was 12, the dad used to bring friends over, and gang rape her. she was afraid to testefy, but when a friend found out she kept detailed journals of what was being done to her, she turned them over to the police, and the state prosecuted the father.


he got 9 years in prison- that's it.


today, this woman is in her thirties- the dad's out, and has been raping her, along with his friends, as if nothing ever happened.


she won't press charges- she say's "for what?", hell do time, come out- and if he doesn;t kill me, he'll just keep raping.


the psychologist continued that that while the dad was in jail, the woman became a socail worker- a brilliant social worker, and developed a sort of multiple personality disorder. at work, she's fine, independant, brilliant- nobody knows. but come evening when her dad and friends knock on the door- she instantly reverts to a scared 4 year old- completely helpless.


this story managed to pierce like a knife right through me. it makes me so angry some times when i look at the "liberal" system of justice, with all it's talk of "morality", and i can;t help but say- screaw enlightenment- a father gang raping his daughter should have limbs violently torn from his body, he should witness his penis amputated without ansetesia and fed to him, he should be crucified with nails and left for the vultures- screw prisons, screw reformation programs, screw it all....


your toughts?

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Comment by CJoe on April 22, 2011 at 9:26am
I couldn't agree with you more. People like this are disgusting blights on the face of the planet. I have zero sympathy for sex offenders; they obviously have zero sympathy for their victims. Even murder, in my mind, is not as bad as child rapists. What kind of human can do that to an innocent, conscious being without being utterly ashamed. They deserve so much worse than prison time. They don't deserve to live because the are a danger to society.
Comment by Walter Maki on April 22, 2011 at 9:37am
Child rapist to me are the lowest form of human life. It makes me sick to hear any crime done against children.  Where I live there is a man involved in a rape murder of two young teenage girls will soon be getting released after serving his sentence. I would not blame the mother of one the children of walking up to him and putting a bullet between his eyes.


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