Conservation, Laws of Physical -laws stating that some property of a closed system is unaltered by change in the system; it is conserved. The most important are the laws of conservation of matter and energy. Mass and energy are interconvertible according to the equation E = mc2; what is conserved is the total mass and its equivalent in energy.
((Matter/Energy cannot be lost or destroyed. It is simply converted)

I've always figured that even if there was a god, he'd have to work by the very laws he created, right? Science and religion should be reconcilable, because god created science. The gaps we saw every day were nothing more than technology being too under-advanced to answer our questions. Someday, I thought, everything would be divisible by 0.

I no longer believe that god created science. I don't believe that god created anything. The universe seems to be a cold and empty place with the exception of Earth. Even on Earth, there are still cold and empty places. Standing in one of those, it's hard to imagine that there is a bustling city not-so-far-away. I wonder if it's like that for the Universe as a whole. Just because we don't have the ability to see the hustle and bustle from where we are at doesn't mean that it can't exist.

I don't believe the human mind can fully grasp the concept of eternity. We make images, we make symbols and facets to explain an expanse far too immeasurable. In nature, there really are no beginnings and endings, but since we live such a short sliver of time in the world, or ability to record happenings must have some sort of "start" or "finish" Winter is ushered in with the first snow. It dies a slow death in the spring time as sunshine melts the ice of it's embodiment. Winter, therefore, has a tangible beginning and end. And yet.. and yet the seasons continue to cycle, year after year, eon after eon. Ice ages appear and vanish, our climate changes, It will eventually change back. In the end, the harm we do to our environment only damages the lifestyle that we understand here and now. Nuclear summer would give way to nuclear winter. Humanity might be wiped out for our mistakes, but the world will continue on. A single cell will eventually develop into another great culture that will be faced with the same decisions we are today. Somewhere along the way, they will marvel at the chill of winter and the warmth of summer.

The easiest way for me to visualize eternity is to picture this scenario. Our sun is the nucleus of a cell, which is our universe. Planets rotate and move about it like protons and electrons and neurons, or breaking it down even further, as little vibrating quarks. Perhaps only one per cell has the life-potential of our planet. Perhaps life potential in forms we cannot recognize occupies the rest. Perhaps all are homogeneous, but the distance between each is so far, it's impossible to tell. This cell is part of a fingernail that is attached to the finger that is attached to the arm that is attached to a being on another quark, circling another sun/nucleus in another cell/universe. This continues on and on, like two mirrors facing each other.

All the sudden my word deadline seems so trivial.

I don't know that I believe we have a soul. Generations ago, it was a known fact our health relied on the balance of humours within. Blood, phlegm, black and yellow bile could fall out of synchronization and create illnesses related to each element. We understand now that there is indeed bile, blood and phlegm in our system. The health of each does in fact correspond to our overall wellness. What was stated then seems like so much Neanderthal, chicken-sacrificing magic now, but it was on a very base level the building blocks for medicine as we know it today.
Perhaps in the future, praying will be looked upon as leeching an ill patient. It was done with good intent, but wasn't exactly useful. Our blind stabs at religion are nothing more than scientists trapping mice under glass to experiment with the "different kinds of air." A novel, advanced concept at the time considering it couldn't be touched, tasted or felt.
Things exist on levels too small, too large or too distant for us to understand first take, and there is nothing wrong with that.
I know that there is something that makes me...-me. I am distinct from you, though we are the same species. I am distinct from my sister, though we share the majority of our DNA.
Is this definition, this consciousness a soul? Perhaps.
Science will one day explain it with more clarity than I have at my disposal, so for now the word "soul" will work for me. I'm not attaching any spiritual significance to it, no more than the word "humours" The superstition has been cast aside, and while we don't have the technology to fully break it down, that does not mean that it will not be and cannot be. A God of Gaps is a temporary god, indeed.
So I wonder about this thing that I have inside me, this thing that I cannot taste or touch or feel, but instinctual I know it exists.
Some argue that after-life is a fairy tale for those that cannot deal with the oblivion of existence.
I'm not frightened by the thought of ceasing to be, it simply perplexes me. The entire universe is based on expansion; continuation. Why would we be any different?
Perhaps it is because as humans, we must have a start and a stop. Conversion, transformation, these are all so long term that they are impossible to witness.
Humans have a difficult time grasping concepts they cannot witness.
Enlightenment is a grasp of that which is abstract. Although I cannot comprehend how I will carry on, I know it must be so. Even if there is no realization of identity, no humanity, no self, nothing reminiscent of the person or thing I am now, that is simply the inability of technology to pinpoint it -as of yet.
I no more share qualities with the fetus I once was, yet both my parents and my high school health teacher assure me I was indeed one. Nor do I look like the infant or child I can't quite remember.
That doesn't mean she didn't exist.
Eventually, I believe that death is nothing more than energy being taken from a less useful place and presented to an environment with more potential.
This doesn't take the hand of a sentient designer. The Universe did create me with no more emotion, no more mind than ages forming stone.
When this segment is finished, I think it will be much like a bit of celery or a decaying stump. The purposes they served to seek sunlight and nourishment were their only progression at that point in time. Nourishing another environment, gaining another function doesn't make the last any better or any worse. The last might not even be remembered.
That doesn't mean it didn't take place.

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