Dead man’s Switch

i had a dollar in my pocket
at least, i did before i spent it
on some trinket or some locket
that now is lost and i resent it

there is nothing quite as gone
as a dollar when it’s spent
nothing leaves you as alone
wondering where the dollar went

a dollar anticipated
is a great treasure for a man
but a dollar dissipated
grates on your soul like sand

to owe a dollar to another
is a dollar spent on guilt
a twin-bladed knife between two brothers
driven into each up to the hilt

you never own a dollar
you rent potential for a while
then it’s gone where you can’t follow
like a sycophantic smile

ayn rand said the choice
is between the dollar and the gun
in the end she couldn't rejoice
she just wasn't that much fun

jesus had a different view
you served dollars or the gods
if i had to choose between the two
i’d say the lord gave better odds

what if you just gave it away
to those really in need
do you think you could thus repay
all you’d stolen in your greed?

greed, there’s a word you don’t hear often
in this land of milk and honey
from the belly to the coffin
no one condemns you if you have money

great wealth is the sign of our god’s blessing
poverty means you lack the proper attitude
just ignore poor jesus’ lesson
wrong is right and bad is good

i have lately come to know quite sure
a dollar is a dead man’s switch.
there's nothing wrong with being poor...
...and nothing right with being rich

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