I work from home and my wife works and goes to college at night. So we usually eat early and I cook dinner more often than not. Last night I kicked on the TV and Oprah was on. It's the channel that has the news station that I can accept so I just get to making dinner with it on in the background. Todd Bridges is on telling his story that includes drugs and falling from being a TV star to being in a diaper trying to get sober. His cast mates on the show have found that life hasn't treated them well either. Dana Plato died very young due to a overdose. Gary Colman's life has been a disaster when you look at it from the outside. So Oprah throws out the question (paraphrase), "Some say that the show was cursed." [screeching tires in my head] Fortunately, Todd didn't see it that way.

We have all heard people say that they are blessed. Seems innocent enough. We have also heard people describe curses whether it Pat Robertson, Oprah, or the neighbor. So what's wrong with that? I contend that it's extremely dangerous. Not viewing the world for what it is prevents you from addressing problems. Todd Bridges brushed off the notion of curse. He accepted responsibility for what happened. If he were to see it as a curse and not a series of events that led to his behavior, how would he change his circumstances? By just waiting for a blessing from the Lord?

"Blessings" from the Lord remove personal rewards for making accomplishments happen. How do you pat someone on the back for doing a good job if it's simply a "Blessing?" If life is simply like that of Job when the Lord Giveth and Taketh away, what should I do other than exalt Him and wait? If I get no blessings, I've not exalted Him enough. We've seen this taken to it's end with a mother starving her children while waiting for God to provide. Eventually God did provide for the children. He used a secular government to remove the children from this home. I wonder if she sees it as a curse?

For daily life, we need to see the world for what it is. Blessings and Curses delude the mind and prevent people from making positive changes and setting a course for their lives. To say that your family is cursed like Al Bundy will assure you failure because of your attitude. Being blessed can also lead to failure as you assume that you are the chosen select as in the C-Street House where normal rules applied to the little people. Seeing the world as predestined, Blessed, or Cursed will be a self-fulfilling prophecy that ultimately leads to failure. If Moses couldn't get into the Promised Land, what chance do you have of succeeding with God's good graces? Take control and responsibility for your life. Your reward will be knowing that you have earned it.

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Comment by Renshia on April 29, 2010 at 11:20pm
This is the very core of religious training. To accept the inadequacies of our lives as taught by our peers. To relinquish control of our lives to those who hold the godly knowledge. To look to outside sources for answers to our problems. Never accept responsibility for anything except to say we had no choice.

I guess that is why I was able to find the happiness I was always seeking for as a christian, after I let it go.
Now I answer to myself for my behavior. I have no gods to excuse me for my weaknesses and no devils trying to tempt me. I create the world I live in and I take responsibility for what I create.

It really is very liberating to feel good about yourself for being the person you want to be.


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