I don't normally encourage ridicule, but I fondly recall Stephen Colbert's address to the White House correspondents event, poking his humor stick at our purported patriotic hero GW Bush. It felt (to me, at least) like our first, credible crack in the the divine cocoon of our "never forget, we can now kill anyone we want to" political pervert-in-chief.

I wish our media could do this for ISIS. That crack in armor of credibility, that overt disrespect for evil acts of men, gave way overdue permission for self reflection. I'm in favor of encouraging Muslims to wrest control of their faith out of the hands of barbarians, theocracies, and literal scripturalists. Evil and hell on earth come from those who force their religious fantasies onto others. Innocent people suffer when evil people have the delusional arrogance to claim that they're the only people who really know what God/Allah wants; skepticism is discouraged when reading the texts of one book or its "scholars", even while knowing it was written in its entirety by mortal men.

I was thinking of something like Mo's SS, but I don't want to be so arrogant as to interpret Muslim scripture itself as inherently evil, especially when plenty of atheists are already on that mission of perfect godlessness, damn the common, religiously subjugated.

Maybe just SS, for "Satan's Sabers".

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Comment by Pope Beanie on July 2, 2016 at 8:22pm

Comment by Noon Alif on July 3, 2016 at 5:32pm
Hello Pope keep knowing Satan is comming back tomorrow with his all powers he would be released from heavens by Allah ( w I N W). After that muslim will celebrate his freedom with vodka + some rubbish whisky.


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