Cutud Lenten Rites: "Suffer with me..."

These photos where taken just last year. Hmmn. This re-enactment of the suffering of Jesus is done every holy week in my hometown in Pampanga. I know you guys know... This became an attraction for tourists both foreign and local because it is done only here. But I’ve been here only once. I got curious so I went there.

Every Lenten season, you will see naked people, full of blood all over their bodies walking around streets of Pampanga They cut their skin with blades and whip it. . If you got to close to them, drops of blood will probably got to you or your car. Hehe! They say that it is their form of repentance. Their sins will be forgiven. Hehe!

But the main attraction is the crucifixion where a penitent is being nailed on the cross. It was done of course on a Friday... at 3... I waited 3 hrs. for the act but when it was done, he was up there for just 5 mins. Which I thought would take a little longer since they were reasoning out that they don’t die because of their faith.

Another thing that disappoints me is that some those people are DRUNK. Wow, is that what hey call holiness? But then of course, they have reasons again... (Religious people never run out of reasons) “To increase blood flow...”
But one of them is too drunk he even fell from the stage, he was dancing and shouting... Ohh what a scene!

Did Jesus want them to suffer the same pain that he experienced before their God forgive them? Why the hell they commit lot'sa sins and then do that to erase them? Why don’t just they do what is right so that so that they won’t be guilty and hurt themselves to cover up? It’s like eating fatty foods then you stick your finger down to your throat to force yourself to throw up when you can just avoid fats. Or limit it.

People say that when you saw penitents doing the acts, you will be filled with emotions, will feel the holiness but when I got there I almost die of dehydration and when I got home my skin was aching because of sun-burn. Yes, I was filled with emotions... negative emotions. But still, it is one way to promote my county’s tourism. Hehe!

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Comment by Frink on January 27, 2009 at 1:19pm
Heh... there's a reason why people don't perform war recreations/performances with real bullets.


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