Creation is just as viable a theory as evolution


Oklahoma City Biblical Examiner

The discipline of science and the mantra of “the separation of church and state”.  These are the twin arguments used by atheists, humanists, evolutionists, etc. to silence the voices of those who believe in God.  In the same way mankind rebelled against God and believed himself to be godlike at the Tower of Babel, our generation refuses to submit to God while constructing “philosophy and empty deceit” (Colossians 2:8) in an attempt to justify their rebellion.

Regardless of claims to the contrary, evolutionists can neither prove nor test their claim of abiogenesis or common ancestry.  Both of these theories are merely hypothetical explanations of the origin, and diversity, of life from a godless perspective.  Neither abiogenesis nor macro-evolution can be tested scientifically.  What is observable scientifically is micro-evolution (adaptation) within a species.  There is no testable data which proves abiogenesis, common ancestry, or macro-evolution.  Misleading students to believe that evolution is a proven fact is dishonest. 

Evolutionists claim that Intelligent Design/Creationism should not be taught in science classes because it is not science.  The same can be said for a theory that says that the universe is one big accident...that the laws of physics simply designed themselves.  Darwinian evolution should not be taught as science, but as philosophy or social studies…if at all. 

Opinions run deep on this subject, but the facts speak for themselves.  Only the disingenuous refuse to admit that evolution, intelligent design, and creationism all contain beliefs that are based on faith.  The same scientifically observable, testable, falsifiable, etc. etc. etc. information is available to both camps.  One group allows for the possibility of the existence of a supernatural entity (Creator) and the other group does not.  Therefore, the second group limits itself as to what explanations it can give for the origin and diversity of life.

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