When raising children, we endeavor to keep them safe. Those standards of safety are an ever changing standard. When I was a kid I went out on the ATV sans helmet. But it was a four wheeler rather than a 3 wheeler for safety's sake. Todays kids throw on battle armor from head to toe because parents are terrified of any potential dangers. When I grew up, my father made sure that I knew about gun safety and threated to knock me out if I turned away from the target without the gun being pointed down. I think that he was serious and it was the only violence he ever threated, so it was taken seriously. The drive behind this safety is to love us and keep us alive and safe.

But what do God and Jesus do to keep us safe? What are the things that our celestial parents thought of to keep us alive? They had full control of creation. They claim to be omniscient. Surely they could put a plan together to keep us safe. Design the world and life in a manner that would prevent the world from harming us or us from harming ourselves? I mean, that's what we try to do for our kids. Hell, that's what I do for work.

God Developed a world that had the Tree of Knowledge in the faces of people whom lived in the garden. He doesn't give them the knowledge of right and wrong, but simply tells them to not eat the fruit of the tree. Can you imagine laying out a loaded and cocked gun around a 5 year old and simply telling them to leave it alone then walking out of the room? It doesn't even come down to free will. You must suppose our level of understanding yet Adam and Eve were alone in the Garden. Two people whom have never met other people aren't going to reason this out like us without some help.

Why did God create a world where so many things could be turned into drugs? Didn't he have the foresight to remove the hazard? Think about us with cribs. We go back to remove new hazards all of the time. When God sees people getting killed for drugs and alcohol does he go and remove the ability for us to become intoxicated? Nope. It would seem that he doesn't have any omniscience or he just doesn't care as much as a parent would.

I don't buy the free will argument. We don't allow full free will for our children until they demand it or show that they are ready through actions. God's love is to say, have at it. My 4 year old cousin, killed 25 years ago, died of his own free will. God couldn't change the mind of a four year old because that would be interference? I don't know of a single parent that wouldn't wave the magic hand to say, "Look at the butterfly going this way instead of that boring water pump."

God is a terrible parent from the beginning to today. CPS would take us away from him for negligence and setting up a dangerous home if he were to be judged by those standards. You want to keep us safe, make a Cambrian type layer just under our skin that is poisonous to anything that would feed on us. That would be brilliant design. Why create a world that is full of intoxicants? DNA replicators that will fail at some point can cause us to create cancer? Create a world and eliminate hazards as they arise rather than simply shrugging and pointing to it being simply our choice. Does God not know best? "Sir, It says here in your diary that you created the hazards that are killing your children. What have you done to correct these problems? It also says that you left them alone when they were six days old? And that you punished them with death when you found out that they ate your fruit?"

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Comment by Kenneth Montville D.D. on April 13, 2011 at 12:33pm
Great post as always, Gaytor.
Comment by Sarah Emmaly Burgett on April 13, 2011 at 1:47pm
Really great post! I totally agree... I have talked to my naive, hypocritical, very christian grandmother about this several times. She's always saying that "god is an awesome god" (and other random bull shit she heard from the Gaithers) and i always reply with a harsh comment like "yeah... he's so awesome for watching babies die and little kids get raped... he's the coolest" It would work out better if she picked up on sarcasm... haha
Comment by Heather Spoonheim on April 13, 2011 at 7:50pm

Great post Gaytor.


@Sarah - Yeah, the 'god is an awesome god' saying is so bizarre.  Just imagine saying, "gravity is such an awesome gravity!"  What does that even mean?


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