I just wanted to share something with you

I wanted to share with you this letter that has changed a few atheist's hearts.I sent this to some atheists that were caught in the middle and wanted God to be true more than what they were deluded to believe.

You don't have to belong to any denomination or doctrine of faith to be saved.I suggest you follow your heart.What does your heart tell you?
Here I am going to share with you some advice I gave an ex atheist.
It doesn't matter how bad atheistic people are.hat matters is that the argument made by atheists is bunk.It cancels out their own argument logically.
If you're an atheist this is the basis of your belief.You believe that out of nothingness a random event occurred.Causing a major complex non designed existence with absolutely no purpose.Which means that you yourself have no purpose which totally defies the laws of physics and biology to begin with.
Now if you believe that life does have a purpose then life would have to have a creator of that purpose.This is where you will find proof of God's existence.Within the meaning of life which is simply to live.All life has a purpose.You have a purpose I have a purpose my neighbor mowing his lawn has a purpose.So without a purpose of existence there would be no existence to begin with.
AronRa explained to someone in a Q&A video about what it would take to create such a big bang explosion that would start the known universe.From what he explained there would have to been a creator to preform the task of making this mega mixture of elements to create such an explosion.It would be impossible for this to be a random event without something planning it.It would be impossible for this to be a random event without something creating the reagents for this highly flammable cocktail we call the universe.Logically life has a design in every form.
The main problem atheists have with God is the religion that follows God.Your best bet is not to have a doctrine but to have a personal private relationship with God and Christ.You don't have to go to a church to be saved.You don't have to give one penny to charity.The following things are required.
Asking for forgiveness of sins.(The shows that you recognize that you are a sinner just like everyone else)
Repenting from the sins.(If something is damaging your life then stop it.)
Believing Jesus is Lord and Savior.(Yes the belief of the resurrection is necessary)
Enduring life until its bitter end while still having faith of God's plan.
All of these can be done in privacy.Just as Jesus told his followers how to pray.He told them to go into privacy to pray.It's only in your heart what matters.
I personally don't like churches because once a month they have arguments over the church expenses.LOL I once saw a cartoon in the local paper when I was a kid that showed a whole congregation in a knock down drag out free-for-all brawl.They were fighting over what color the curtains in the youth group room were going to be.
It's not hard to be a Christian.There's no reason for shame either.If you decided that is what you would be no one has to know.Just don't deny it.If someone persecutes you for being so then be prepared for a blessing for being persecuted in the name of God.
Honestly you would be better off in life not being an atheist.It has a dying end.I also debunked the basis of atheistic belief also.I proved logically that it is impossible that all of existence could be random.It's not.It makes me laugh to think so.
If you ever discover faith not blind faith but real hard faith,keep it in your heart.There was a local pastor of our Downtown Church here in Jax Fl.He explained how people miss heaven by 17 inches.They didn't believe it in their hearts,only in their minds.One way to gain faith is to read the Gospel books of the New Testament.Don't take it in your mind.Plant that seed in your heart where it will grow.It's just like planting a garden.If you plant a seed shallow it won't grow.If you don't clean the garden before you plant and you have stones (Which represent doubt or anything delusional),you need to clean those out.You water your garden with Prayer.You don't have to claim a religion.Just be aware of your heart's beliefs.God knows your heart.That is where you communicate with God.From the heart.Remember what he did through Jesus.All the suffering and torture he went through so you could be with the Father and your family eternally after this life ends.
What a lot of people don't understand about hell.Hell is the death of the physical soul.Not the spirit.It is a place that has many different feelings.If you die unsaved and are burdened with guilt then that can be your hell.The emptiness of being alone without God.It is a prison of one's self regret.Ever heard the saying,"Burning with contempt"?What hell is is the place of regret and grievance.What Satan is in that state is the antagonist to remind you constantly.All of your pain will be multiplied in fold.All of your fears will be there confronting you.By asking God for forgiveness and accepting Jesus as your personal Savior you wipe away all of the guilt and regret.You name will for ever be written in the Lamb's Book of Life.No one can go to the father except through the son.Take some time one day and read the Gospel books.Jesus gave us an easy ticket and asked nothing in return but to acknowledge him and God for the cause.What would it hurt to believe?Or like some are you worried what some might think?Like these trolls that live meaningless lives?They are childish people who's parents failed at raising them for antagonistically trolling and harassing people that do believe.Don't be ashamed of our creator.Man kind has ruined his image as it is.Wars,killings,judgements were all done in the Name of God.You can't blame God for these actions.Those were actions made by men.Be glad you ARE a woman.Because only men did these things.Men have ruled the bible since it was written.Men had every say of what goes into the final edition.Yet Women scholars (thank God for Them) have shown where they made mistakes.Even in translations.
One thing I want to discuss.
On friend of mine who is an atheist asked me about how I feel about homosexuality.Well back during the time of Moses people did not accept homosexuality and called it sin.Jesus preaches love.Who would deny 2 people no matter what sex of true love?Homosexuality was looked down upon because it defied the principle of procreation.
As long as 2 people sincerely love one another and are not bound only by lust then there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.I would not judge such love.It's not my place to judge at all.In fact during the time of judgement after death no one should judge anyone.They should forgive and forget and let it go.God is willing to forgive and forget.If you judge someone during judgement then you will be judged over 100 times for that single judgement.It's like pointing a finger at someone for doing something yet there are 10 more people pointing a finger at you for doing something immoral also.
You also have to ask yourself what do you consider immoral as a human being?
One thing most atheists do is claim that if there is no God then there is no sin.This is basically an evasion of guilt.What the Bible claims is immoral they think they are exempt from that immorality.They also like to claim that sin is only defiance of God.It is also being immoral.there is sin against human nature.We all have desires of lust and greed.We just need to learn how to control them.
If you want God in your life you have to make the first move.Ask God sincerely to help you understand him and know him personally.Things will happen in your life that will open a new doorway of a new way of life.Definitely things will change for the better if you accept God and put atheism behind you.I went through a time of my life that I dropped all bred information about God.What was taught to me as a child.I found God on my own.I subjected myself to many other religions and even witchcraft.Only Christianity proved to be the correct valid belief structure.
Anyway just remember this.God loves everyone and though he doesn't make himself known physically like any person walking around he makes himself physical within our hearts.The benevolence he influences is pure goodness.It is untouchable.Just ask and you will receive.As long as you're saved.Oh BTW that is something atheists like to play with.The asking and receiving.If you ask God for something that is needed only for necessity God will give it to you.In some way he will give you what you need.If you ask like a dope and ask for a ,million dollars or something that is testing God like some parlor magician then you can bet it won't happen.
Welp I've typed enough and I'm here if you have any questions.I'll be happy to point out something if you can't find it.TTYL and God Bless.
Sent to: skycomet19



The meaning of life is "42" lol. But to be more serious... I would say... yeah.. . you're right... life has no meaning... except what meaning you give to it! My chosen meaning of life is "I am here to improve the life of other people before I disappear [die]" - This is the basic tenant of secular humanism. There are an infinite number of "meanings of life" you could choose from... and the universe doesn't care about any of them. But that's okay... because a rock doesn't care either... and the non-living parts of the universe have the cognition of a rock. They don't care... but that's okay.Second... atheism isn't a belief... it's a LACK of belief... atheists hold beliefs with regards to other things but the only thing you have to have to be an atheist is a lack of belief in gods. I will use the comedic response of one atheist: "You're an atheist too... I just believe in one less god than you." lol.
Third... it's okay to answer a question you don't know the answer to with "I don't know." I do this all the time. What "caused" the big bang [if anything did. Maybe it wasn't "caused"]. I don't know. Why is the universe composed mostly of empty space? I don't know.Sometimes "I don't know" is the best answer to a question. Is there a "god" in the raw sense of no known attributes? I don't know. 
I think it is far more appropriate to say "I don't know" when you don't know the answer than to assume something unproven "did it."
"Your best bet is not to have a doctrine but to have a personal private relationship with God and Christ."Logically... I can't do this. My brain makes it impossible to know whether the "voice of god" is my imagination running away with itself, or if I'm crazy and don't know it. [The crazy usually don't know they are crazy.""you recognize that you are a sinner just like everyone else"I already know I'm a "sinner." When I have hurt someone I beg forgiveness from the PERSON I HURT not a god. Because it is the victim of your evil who deserves your repentence.
"Believing Jesus is Lord and Savior.(Yes the belief of the resurrection is necessary)"I can't believe this because 1. This would require faith without evidence [never met the man] and 2. There is growing evidence that Jesus may have never existed even as a human being. If that is the truth... why would I not worship Zeus? or Hercules?
... I was a Christian once... like you. I was raised as a Protestant... and believed Jesus talked to me in my head. I believed I had a "personal relationship" with him... until I was 16... and I woke up. It was much like when you wake suddenly from a dream with a jerk and your eyes and brain start adjusting to reality. I am a DECONVERTED atheist. I DID try to go back to god... but I was going through the motions... I didn't believe it anymore. It's like when you lose faith in Santa... you can't go back to what was before. It's not scary to be alone... because you can think better when you're alone. Atheists aren't really "god haters", we're skeptics. We are a lot like the people who don't think that aliens cause crop circles. I love humanity as a humanist. I saw a homeless man downtown digging for a scrap of food in a trashcan and wanted to cry. I gave him my lunch. I see muslims blow up a car or themselves and cry for humanity. The cruelty that humans can inflict on one another is sometimes beyond comprehension. Yet... I have seen humans do incredible things when their internal sense of empathy makes them reach out to another. I am guided by an internal moral compass that many call a "conscience." I do not use the rules of others [including a god] to guide me. I look at other people and put myself in their shoes. When I see their suffering I act as a mother-like figure and stand at their bedside to hold their hand while the fever runs through them or they fear an impending death. My PURPOSE in life is to be the one who holds a mother as she sobs for her dead child or knits a homemade sweater for a homeless child. That is what Secular Humanism is all about. The real meaning of life is that LIFE IS NOT ABOUT YOU. 
I don't miss Christianity. I don't miss the fear and the self-hatred and the pain. I DO miss the support of my loved ones of faith. But... more importantly... I can't return to faith... after four years of trying I learned that.
You make your own purpose... good luck to you in your journey in life. When your life is hard... try looking for a loved one's hand to hold... rather than god.

Lastly... you said that "you would be better off not being an atheist because it has a dying end." I'm surprised first that you don't think I'm going to burn in hell. But if you REALLY stop to think about it... what's so bad about Oblivion? There is something beautiful and sad about death. Two days ago I accompanied a Catholic friend to his grandmother's grave. I was ready to put a hand on his shoulder if he needed it. But as I was there I found myself thinking how peaceful the cemetary was. The people working there had worked hard to upkeep the place so it was full of flowers and trees, birds and butterflies. Who would not want to go to sleep under a shady tree in a meadow of wildflowers? In reality that's what oblivion means to me... nothing scary... nothing despairing... an endless peaceful sleep... unafflicted by nightmares or pain. A place where you can finally rest after life has worn you out. What is so bad about a long, dreamless sleep? Sure... there's no happiness or joy or pleasure... but there's also no pain or sorrow. I don't think that's quite as bad as I used to... and atheism has made me unafraid to die.
Peace and joy to you while you wander this world.-Skycomet-


2/17/2011 - Update:


"life has no meaning"

If life had no meaning it would not even exist

By making your own choice of what life means to you is a derivation of the basis of the original meaning.


Me: Why must life have a meaning to exist? I know that our human brains want to make sense out of everything... but sometimes we make meaning in a place where there is none. For example... take the whole "face on Mars" thing. That "face" just turned out to be the human mind trying to make sense out of a bad picture and when the picture was updated... the face wasn't there at all. I am a psychology major and this is a common phenomenon I think I recall it being called "Apoptyma." [EDIT: THE WORD IS ACTUALLY APOPHENIA! - WIKIPEDIA ON APOPHENIA:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apophenia ...sorry... the class in which I learned this was 2 years ago.. oops. *blush* ] What it means is simply that the human brain is programmed to find patterns where there are none and SPECIFICALLY to assign human attributes and motives to processes and objects that have none. It is NOT a mental illness, but rather an evolutionary trait in the vast majority of human brains with the tendency to misfire quite often. [Ever wonder why you can see faces in clouds if you lie back and look at them for a while? That's a form of apoptygma [Apophenia] that assigns illusory images where they don't really exist.] So... back to the question at hand... Why must life have a meaning? Could the very IDEA that it has to have one simply be our human minds misfiring with apoptygma [Apophenia]? I think this could be quite possible. As a psychology major... I have learned to be quite careful about saying I KNOW something is real. Afterall... it could just be your mind playing tricks on you again. Happens to everyone. ^_^


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Comment by Heather Spoonheim on February 17, 2011 at 5:50am
Honestly, how can you reply to a letter like that?  As soon as I read the part about "if life has no purpose then that goes against logic and biology" I just kind of zoned out.  I've had more engaging conversations with people who believe that the Anunaki will resume their reign of our planet when Nibiru returns - seriously!
Comment by Skycomet the Fallen Angel on February 17, 2011 at 9:32pm

I know... it was very difficult trying to find the words to respond to him... but since his question wasn't "trollish" I thought it would only be polite to answer... in some way. 

Of course, when he responded [see update #1] It became obvious that the point I was trying to make went ZIP over his head! Sometimes theists are as difficult to talk to as a brick wall. :P

He can FORGET about converting me. lol. I've seen all the arguments he posed debunked again and again. But, I saw in him a polite and [possibly] inquisitive theist and decided to take my chances and try to crack through the dogma wall around his head. 

Comment by Heather Spoonheim on February 17, 2011 at 9:49pm
I guess I understand and I suppose I've done the same thing, although not for many years.  Typically I find theists to be the opposite of inquisitive - the two are really mutually exclusive.
Comment by Pope Beanie on February 27, 2011 at 2:38am

I liked the idea of a word that describes pattern illusions, so I searched and searched for apoptygma and everything I could think of close to it, including ending with stygma or starting with hyper, etc. Ha, then I looked up "pattern illusion" and eventually came across "clustering illusion"... and finally found pareidolia.

Woohoo, thank you for a useful new word! But I must say, this one's going to be difficult for me to remember how to spell properly. I prefer apoptygma, or something close to that. :)


Comment by Pope Beanie on February 27, 2011 at 3:03am

Pareidolia is also in the TA dictionary.

Haha, but wait... so in wikipedia it says:

Pareidolia is a type of apophenia.


Now, apophenia isn't in the TA Dictionary, and I don't see a way to add words there. I need to study these words more first anyway, before recommending to add apophenia.
Comment by Skycomet the Fallen Angel on February 27, 2011 at 2:48pm

aak! The word is  "apophenia!" I totally got it mixed up! Too late to send it to theist... [not speaking to me anymore] but I'll fix it here.

Wikipedia provides a very similar definition as my textbook for this phenomenon:


 Apophenia is the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.



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