Conversation on Facebook.... do you think I am making myself clear?......

Friend: god bless..

Me: love the small 'g' :)

Friend: haha lol indeed only important things need a big G.... God forgive me

Me: He forgives you.... sure he always does... but can't stop a war :)

Friend: aww stevie he left that up to us we started the war its up to us to stop it the earth was left to man he fuckked it up not god ps im just playin devils advocate im not sayin its true?

Me: Is it a game? An omniscient god would have the power to create human life WITHOUT the prospect of it going wrong? Why can't people see this? It's very very simple. Religion states that god gave us life because we deserved it... think about it.... if i had the power to create a new species and stated that the 'species' deserved the right to live.... that doesn't even make sense?!!! How can something that does not exist deserve anything? Your omniscient god, whilst 'creating' us would have known that mankind would 'mess up', yet still let it happen. This means that A) he is not omniscient (so he doesn't actually exsit in the way he is worshipped) or B) He does exist and is one sick being. I always say the same thing.... I do not believe in god, in the same way as I do not beleive in Unicorns, Santa or the tooth fairy... and if I was wrong and god appeared to me tomorrow I would tell him where to go as he is one sadistic, evil, selfish, self obsessed, cruel (and other words that escape me right now) prick... I would rather burn for eternity in a hell than have worshipped a god like him. I myself as a human being have a lot more kindness, love, generosity and concern for this world than your god has EVER proven.

Friend: of course its a game! dont you believe in the afterlife? i respect ur belief and you put forward a v good argument but (i Believe) that havin faith is just that(a leap of faith) i dont believe that everything in the bible is gospel cuz its not its a lota balls but i believe that GOD is horrified at the way things have turned out because he never meant all the war he had FAITH that we would love each other? but he left it up to us? and man wrecked the place he can see into ur heart but cant make decisions for you?

Me: You miss the point... you worship an omniscient god? Please look that up and realize what you are missing!

Friend: ok ill do it when im sober lol ill be back tho i love a good debate lol

Me: agreeing is not my goal.... reading is :)  I can read that the Aorta is part of the heart... not believing would make me ignorant of the facts :)

Friend: now science is a whole diff story but ill read if only to satisfy my curiosity but i still love God lol imagine what the bin laden supporters believe? 7 virgins? fs ur head wud be melted?

Me: You last post has just summed the whole thing up!!!!! You walked right into that one.... YOUR religion is only one of over 2000 that exist on this planet. You have just slated ONE of those religions for their beliefs. Only because YOU don't believe it. You see.... you also are an Atheist, the very same as me.... it's just that I believe in one less god than you do. I think all religions are very selfish and ignorant to believe that THEIR religion is the only and right one. Thousands of religions have gone 'out of fashion' because they have been PROVEN to be false... ie. Zeus, Thor, etc etc. They were just as serious as christianity is today (in thier time). Do you realize that christians put people to death for saying that the world 'isn't flat'?!!!! Then when it was proven that it was actually round, they christians 'adapted' the theory because it couldn't be argued with. That is progression of science. In a few hundred years (but hopefully less), our civilisation will look back in laughter at the belief in god... I only wish I would be there to see it. One thing is for sure though... I am glad that my mind is my own and that i already know that he does not exist. YES I KNOW!!!

PS.... If you where born in a muslim country... you WOULD believe in the 7 virgins story. Don't you realise that your religion is only because of WHERE you were born and what your parents beleived? I really can't get my head around people not understanding that. It's beyond me!!!

Good night.... continue the debate another time... sleepy. May the Invisible Pink Unicorn keep you safe in your wee bed tonight xox

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Comment by trillianalice on August 7, 2011 at 12:43am

You have much more patience than I do,  Good for you.

Comment by S Luc Harrington on August 7, 2011 at 1:00am

one less god! yes small g

Comment by STEVIE NICHOLL on August 7, 2011 at 3:16pm

... I was actually very drunk last night when I posted this!  I am surprised I remained quite civilised and patient!  Thanks for the comments though.  Much appreciated :)


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