Contradictory History Of The Bible.

The bible is full of contradictions on matters of history. A person who reads and compares the contents of the Bible will be confused about exactly who Esau's wives were, whether Timnah was a concubine or a son, and whether Jesus' earthly lineage is through Solomon or his brother Nathan. The bible also contradicts itself hundreds of times in many passages of the bible such as genesis: Man was created after the other animals Gen 1:25,26,27 Man was created before the other animals Gen 2:18,19. And we all know there is a lot more of this contradictions throughout the scriptures of the Old and New Testament. If the Bible cannot confirm itself in mundane earthly matters, how are we to trust it on moral and spiritual matters?.

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Comment by Neil on January 7, 2010 at 2:09pm
Things such as historicity matter not to the theist. Things like contradictions only matter to people of reason, not to people of faith.

That said, a person of reason wouldn't believe the spiritual matters anyway, because they are entirely baseless in the natural world.

The bible simply succeeds in what its writers set out to do. Capture the ignorant and the gullible. Any contradiction in the bible is simply due to "translation errors" or the contradiction itself is negligible in the 'grand message' of the bible. They read what they want to read, and ignore the rest. Which is funny, because that is exactly what they claim atheists due when we "pick apart" the bible.

There really is no conflict here. Either you use reason to determine things within the natural world, or you "believe" things to be as you want them to be.
Comment by Claudia Mercedes Mazzucco on November 10, 2010 at 3:46pm
If Sam Harris actually found out that Bible was written by bronze age Patriarchs, that worries me, because it means that he does not know what the Bible is about and who wrote it. The authors were not bronze Patriarchs.
Comment by Loop Johnny on November 10, 2010 at 4:03pm
how are we to trust it on moral and spiritual matters?
Only a fool would believe in what it says. Or only the unfortunate ones that were indoctrinated when they were young and/or they didn't had proper education in school.

100% of the conversation I had with theists progressed the same.

Because it was written by bronze age people.

There is a very strong connection between people of reason and atheists. Theists are so because of a lack of reason. We are so because of a lack of belief. ( this came out better than expected )


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