Seems like I should never be surprised by what is around the corner.  Yesterday morning s neighbor invited me into his place to show me his plants. I felt they were unimpressive but I showed the expected "wow" and continued to have an unusual, if not weird visit.  These guys are often heard hollering "God Bless You!" To people walking by,  They have absurd GOD quotes painted all over the outside of a hippie bus.  Just the ignorant, non educated standard dumbasses.  I decided my own beliefs are not important enough to insist they be understood by this type of ignoramus. 

Tolerance would be my religion, if you will.  HOWEVER! 

There was another prophet, I guess, visiting this home at the same time.  This is something I never expected.  The guy suddenly, rudely, cuts me off, mid-sentence, with "Hey! Watch yer mouth!"  I was shocked.  I'm gonna be real honest as to why I was shocked.  I'll be looking for guidance here in  bit so I really want to paint the whole picture.

I'm an ex-con and a reformed...everything.  Have been in this role for a long time.  Many, many, people in my home town know of me by terrible reputation, or know me really with my positive atheism and always smilin kind of success.  As a rule, most people, don't fuck with me. I am 6'7, Im nearly three hundred pounds, I'm erratic and nuts and It's generally a good idea to be on my team.  I mean it, I am not braggin or am I complaining, just trying to paint an accurate picture.

I spit out.." I'm a grown man, don't fucking tell me how to act!"

This guy, jumps right up off the sofa, gets right in my face and states, boldly, as if it meant anything. "I'm, a  christian."........

I said, I don't care, I'm grown, please stop. I did, in fact, plead a bit, because I could feel this idiot going there.  He  had already got me out of my very tolerant comfort zone, and had decided to push some more.


Listen odds are that most of you folks don't have to live in the type of environment that I am still forced to have to be a part of.  Most people I know are ex-cons, ex-junkies, hookers, all that.  But most of us are at varying stages of 'been there done that' moving on.  I am an atheist, that already makes me different, also, I'm quite the biggest and I still take psychotropic medication to help me not to dismember fools like this guy.

S everyone else got quiet and nervous, this dude, got more confident and said that god instructed him to tell me to clean up my language.

( I told him, if his god were real, his god just wants him beat the fuck up.  Because if he is real, he absolutely knows who I am, and well, he told, you sir, to do something that is about to get you fucked up)

Somebody had called my daughter and she was suddenly there, The noise had drawn the attention of all the derelicts in the place, now I got a crowed of about 11 individuals.  To be fair,they mostly were saying things like they was gonna call police, or "please dad, it ain't worth it" all kinds of things.  I realized suddenly that if I react inappropriately, I will come out, the loser, Christians will praise the loss of mighty golieth.  Also, I preach all the time about morality without deity, it's my best rant, so I told old....paul there that neither of us lives here so I( will leave. Also, I am disabled(mental illness) and always home right next door, in fact, I'll be outside all day and as soon as you are to leave...I'll kick your  crucified ass right there in the street. 

I know......I am 50 years old, I have not been a juvenile delinquent in quite a while.  Yet this believer has me showing my ass!

So, I'm new,  I came to understanding the absurdity of religion and the dishonest fear that motivates it's members only a decade or so ago.  I also changed my lifestyle and priority list just about then.

I like what knowing there is no god has done for me.  So Dallas, Morgan, anyone with real experience help me, if you can, to keep my dignity, keep my freedom, but handle this obnoxious(yet Brave) individual.

Last Note....It has been nearly twenty four hours, he has not came out and my brother and myself have not left the driveway.  I gotta piss a lot so my brother stands in.


Dudes,  I know I'm way out, but you cannot pay me to lie, and I am right here on this point.  If I go to far, I don't know my friends, I'm a hard head, convince me of the high rode, or let me know and i'll have my broth make a video while i beat him with a bible or somethin...what say you???

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Comment by Dogly on June 16, 2011 at 9:58am

Dear Lloyd,

I know this is a serious post, but you painted such a clear picture of your confrontation that I could just see you towering over this little twit, that I can't stop laughing!  You WON!  Go back in the house. If you cream this little creep you'll go back to jail.  WE need you!  Your daughter needs you!  Your language may be earthy, but you are very articulate.  Use your good brain.  Your impressive brawn only got you in trouble.  Since you may be one of the only atheists in your circle, speak your mind and explain why you believe only things that are proven.  Don't let any of the stupid things  god-slaves say, bother you.  Come talk to us when you get mad.  That's what I do. (also try  I have a temper too, and I'd often like to kick some ass.  I learned it does no good.  It is of no use.  Every adversary will be smaller and dumber than you are.  Your Goliath comment is very accurate.  You did the smart thing! Just enjoy that he felt he had to hide next door all day.  Go take a nap and laugh about this when you wake up.  

Comment by Ralph Day on June 16, 2011 at 1:42pm

Fascinating story LLoyd.  You handled yourself with maturity and control (all of us over 50's should by now anyway).  Ending up in jail as a result of the rantings of a numb-nuts surely couldn't be worth it (never been). 


A quote for the future: "You hearing voices?  There's medications to help with that!"




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