A friend of mine gave me a box full of "The Sudbury Star"  WEEKEND MAGAZINE from 1970 to 1979.  I came across this article.  I'll just give some of the juicier aspects of it, since it's several pages long. 


Resignations from the priesthood have become epidemic. Paul.... (I won't give his last name)..., a former Basilian Father, today is married and a father of three. " The Church is not a spiritual institution" he told Stephen  ..........., "it's a multinational corporation."  The ex-priest tells us that the "self" is the lost paradise, which he feels he has regained.  Renunciation of faith is a kind of theatrical event, the modern morality play in which man seeks to know the self in the same way medieval scholastics sought to know God, through analysis of the material world. His adventure is a quest for secular spirituality and a system of values outside religion.

"The fact is that a celibate clergy is a total structuring for insanity-unhappy, unwholesome men running around, emotionally underdeveloped, holding onto themselves.  Who's kidding whom? Organs don't stop functioning because somebody takes a vow and puts a cassock over them. In theory, celibacy is supposed to free you to be more spiritual, but in practice it mutilates you psychologically." "If there's anybody out there who's developed into any kind of human being without sex, I'd like to talk to him and that includes the Pope!" 

"I'm far more spiritual as a heretic than I ever was as a priest."

"At least out here you're forced to deal with secular reality. You don't have to use the supernatural. Faith is constituted by intelligence and doubt, intelligence trying to grapple with the nature of reality."

There are a lot more juicy bits in this article, better left for another day! 


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