Xtard say's: "You are blinded to the truth. Blinding your mind to who you are serving". By this point i've had enough so i say: I disagree. I'm not blided but in fact more open minded and tollerant than most xtians. I demand the truth. Not cosmic fairy tales. If its real, i believe in it and the way i see it is: if you are too stupid to understand science then religion is right for you. EDUCATE THYSELF... You would think with that she would STFU and leave me alone. But nooooooo. I get this little ditty in the inbox last night.... Xtard say's: "open mindedness does not prove that your thinking is not flawed, it does prove that in the last days man will be lovers of themselves and their so-called knowledge in a place where they can worship which is in the heart and a need to be filled". WTF??? Does that even make sense??? I'm lost... I dont think i'll reply.

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