i have taken note that all of your quotes are from the old testament. As stated earlier, you are not taking these quotes in context and balance. I can make the bible say that "there is no God" But, taken in context it states that "The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God". The one thing you didn't answer was what is love, truth, etc.
THIS IS WHERE I SAID: "The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God". The wise shout it from the mountaintops... lol
If you are so against God (which what you believe about him will be made known to you when you stand before him) why do you visit a Christian site and comment on the beliefs of people who do love and serve the Lord? This is how I first started talking to you. Again we come back to the issue of accountability. Do you think that you should be able to live anyway you want and there be no consequences of wrong actions? If you don't believe, of course that is your choice, but it appears from your e-mails that you are the one who is trying to convert Christians to your view of no belief in God. I have no interest in trying to convert you to my beliefs because that would be impossible for me. You have not answered my question of what is love?

Nathan, I want to respond to you in love because it is very apparent that your beliefs come not from your own study of God's Word. Because you don't believe in God, and think that this life is all there is, may I ask you a personal question? What happens to you when you die? Do you think that this life is all there is? Do you know the reason for right and wrong? There is a conscience regarding decisions made that were right and things that make you feel bad when you are wrong. Where does this come from? You don't have to even have read the bible to know this, even small children feel bad when they have done something wrong and they try to hide it. Where does this come from?

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Comment by James on February 7, 2010 at 6:35pm
I'd be interested to also see what you wrote her to gain some context. But it is obvious that she is simply plugging 'God' to anything she can't understand. Are you looking for responses to her questions, or simply sharing her ignorance?

•Context: It has been my experience, that theists are the most infamous for creatively bending scripture (or anything) to fit the context or message they wish to convey. I can't say anything of whether your quotes were in context, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. :)

•Accountability: There ARE consequences to actions. It's called the law. There is no need to inject religious belief into the mix to convolute the discussion.

•Love: At it's simplest, it's is an emotion born of attraction and differing chemical/hormonal levels in ones body. However once the attraction/connection is made, the feeling can become more complex and nuanced. You may find you have things in common, simply enjoy each others company, or may even grow and learn from one another. This doesn't make love any less special though. It is still a special connection between two parties. If it were only a 'cold' chemical reaction relying on chance, then people would be in and out of love with nearly everyone.

•Not knowing God's word: I can't speak for you, but in my experience, Atheist's tend to be better read in respect to the Bible than most average Xtians.

•Death: My brain and organs will cease functioning. Once the chemical and electrical impulses cease, I will loose all consciousness and my body will decay over time (well I actually plan on being cremated, but you get the idea). I didn't seem to mind the billions of year of not being alive before I was born, so why should I mind it after I'm dead.

•This life/only life?: We have no evidence that points other wise, so yes I believe that this is it. Also, A belief that this life is simply a waiting room before 'something better', in which we should comprise our lives in order to assure our entrance in to paradise short changes this life that we have to live. Buy recognizing that this life is my only life, it allows me to live it to the fullest and enjoy it to the maximum.

•Right and wrong/Conscious: This develops a few ways. We are taught by elders and parents that some things are acceptable and some are not. Degree of social acceptance plays a role in this as well. Some can also be self taught. Through our interactions with others we may find that certain actions are helpful, hurtful, etc. You don't like the feeling of being hit, so maybe hitting someone else wouldn't be appreciated by them either. You can compound it down to the golder rule. Do to others as you'd like done to you. A simple social rule that precedes religion and is easily formed without the need for deity. A child will likely not feel remorse for doing wrong at the very start. An infant has not been taught right/wrong yet, and thusly you will find them laughing about throwing things or biting. However once the education/self learning process begins, you will find that this is when they will show remorse for lying/doing wrong. If babies were born with an inherent sense of right and wrong, they would be very different than the babies we are accustomed to.
Comment by natheist on February 7, 2010 at 11:39pm
Thank's for all the feed back y'all. I'm about to go slaughter a fundie. :-)
Comment by James on February 8, 2010 at 10:21pm
lol, Have fun natheist! :)


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