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Before I can go any further I need those who care to read any of my passages to comment in the way of questions(for example...are you saying...) so I can explain my words before offering interpretations or responsive opinion as these are words I know you have never heard nor read before, if your patient with me I am sure I can unlock any confusion my words will create.

Please stop referring to the result of religion as an argument to solidify your defense and argument against religion(religion is merely a manipulation of a truth and furthermore stop blaming Jesus, as you he stood up against religion and that is why they killed him as he was gaining strength and spoke against them, furthermore he turned people away from himself and directed them to find their own truth, after his death man turned him into that which he stood against and manipulated his meanings)...all things have a truth, you can find the truth by putting the pieces of the puzzle together where they fit as compared to elimination of some to appease opinions...I say this as I use the Earth (God) as my example, it is a living entity(as all living entities it too can communicate it does so via the energy that flows through us, inspiring thoughts IE voice in the head) which is a world where nothing disappears, all is then to must there be a truth in it would be easier and less painful to ask yourselves, "what is this God they speak of and why do they try and use it against us and why do they believe it is invisible and why do they believe they are going to leave this place where nothing disappears...instead of strict denial...I have found that all things can be answered if you observe all from a third party date I see people arguing opinion with opinion and we all should know by now, that opinion is irrelevant to the truth and just as there is an Earth there then must be the start of the that's where you need to begin your journey, forget what another said or believes, find your own truth starting with the only non opinion truth there is and that is the one that inspired the thoughts to begin with the one that claims it is everything and everywhere and gives forth in abundance and refers to mankind as a beast which I am sure is based on the characteristics of the one which dominates in the species, yet due to its control it diverts that truth away from himself and furthermore creates another invisible illusion to blame his ignorance on called the invisible species that looks like a man, acts like a man but yet is not a man and also allows him to blame the women(Eve) for him rapping her among other things.

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Comment by Andrew on July 5, 2011 at 11:16am
Run on sentence! Run on sentence!


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