Commandment VII


*“Thou shalt not commit adultery.”


though rare in usage,

the good believers

who were always looking for better ways to torture & kill

conjured up the wheel

first in greece & then

germany, russia, france, sweden, england, etc.---

the wheel

aka, the breaking wheel,

was a relatively simple instrument


a large wooden wheel

baring many spokes

was attached to a tall wooden pole, usually,

then being pounded into the ground

in a public place

where everyone could watch the

accused die a long, gratuitous & agonizing death

the accused was turned by

the good believers

spun slowly, and as this happened,

she/he was hit repeatedly through the holes between the spokes

with a hammer made of iron


often they were stabbed in non-vital areas

so that they would bleed to death

often they were burned with sticks from a nearby fire

or hit iron bars with sharp tips


9 times out of 10

the accused had multiple broken bones from being hit with the


and this alone,

over the span of 2 or 3 days

would kill them---

although the sweet hand of death might have come more


if dehydration & the birds which would fly down and dine on said


would help speed up the process. 



*The work of fiction called “The Bible”

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