Commandment V


*“Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.”


the cheapest good time in the middle ages

for the followers of fiction

came in the pleasure produced for the crowd

brought to them all by the


nah, you didn’t need any expertise to carry out this bloody


no unique instruments developed by an intelligent sadist acting in the name of



to end the life of the accused







they were tied upside down

most likely from some makeshift orchestration

build from the board that were laying around

as scraps from other moments of



their legs spread

naked and probably pissing down themselves

it running down their torso and passing over their own face

like water dripping from an awning

just after a spring thunder shower


so in all humility &

trembling while enduring

a terror & torment milkshake

those good believers (popping up everywhere)

laughed together,

the two of them knowing that with all the blood rushing to the head of the


it would be taken from the area of initial cleaving

& therefore it would slow down the loss of blood

extending the torture

as far as it could go

that is,

before the individual accused

was completely sliced in half.


in all reality, this only lasted a few hours





*The work of fiction called “The Bible”

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