This is my response to someone on the internet who called me closed-minded and said that I don't know for sure that god isn't real, and that I should have faith in the bible instead of demanding evidence. I didn't really proof read it though, but it might be interesting.


No, I don't no for sure that god is or isn't real. I also don't know for sure that we were created by a giant flying spaghetti monster. It's no less possible. Sit and think for a minute: what are the odds that we were actually created by a giant white man with a beard who has a list of rules? You believe it because you were taught to. I could write a book stating that we were created by an invisible, purple, unicorn that demands that we worship it, otherwise you shall go to oblivion, and suffer under the wrath of Michael Jackson for eternity. Maybe in a few thousand years, people will be worshiping a unicorn. It seems ridiculous, but why do you worship god? Because some book simply says so. Kind of a pathetic reason. Yet, you have what you call "faith" in the bible. Faith is believing something without any evidence, or even worse, with evidence opposing it. I don't like faith, A, because it accomplishes nothing, and people have died by having faith in prayer, instead of taking proven medicine, and B, because it's closed-minded, though you may call me closed-minded for being an atheist, and not considering the possibility of the impossible. I became an atheist by opening my mind, and thinking outside of this one book, and yes, I did in fact, consider the possibility of the impossible. Not just Christianity's impossible, but just several other religions. I had searched through Christianity, Islam, Wicca, Voodoo, and Buddhism, spending about a month, on each, studying, praying, meditating, and trying to believe them. Surprisingly enough, I found the possibilty of their impossibleness quite improbable. I reccomend you open your mind a crack, and consider the possibility of the bible being wrong, and there being answers with evidence outside of it, and that you don't have to give up your mind and devote your life to worshipping this magical, violent, yet "merciful," and "loving," yet hateful creature that probably doesn't exist. Think, what are the chances that out of all of the endless possibilities, that every detail, of just this one book is correct (despite all of the evidence against it) and everything else is wrong? You may say, "but if the bible is wrong, then where did everything that exists come from?" I don't know. I really have no idea, but unlike religious people, I don't pretend I do, and I'm not just going to take a wild guess that we were created by someone who happens to have a list of rules, many of which are pointless, demands worship, and has an arch enemy that rules over a humungous torcher chamber. Maybe sometime, in the future scientists will discover how everything came to be. In the meantime, these ridiculous theories, called religions, are stopping people from looking for answers because they think they're right. I don't know about you, but I consider that closed-minded.

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