Church of England Attempt to Punish Priest over Same Sex Marriage

I'm not sure you are all aware of this, but the UK recently legalised same sex marriage and good for them. 

But of course the religious organisations are usually the main groups that always have an objection to equal marriage rights. Except this time they are turning on one other own. The first Church of England priest has married his same sex partner and suffice to say the Church of England are not happy. 

Reverend Prebendary Rod Thomas, chairman of the Reform evangelical group says:

“There’s no doubt that there is pressure within some parts of the church for the Church to change its mind on sexuality.

“If there is not clear discipline then it is the equivalent to saying ‘we really didn’t mean what we said.’ It will precipitate a crisis"

The opinion on same sex marriage is still very mixed within the Church of England, however what I found interesting was a comment by a friend of the couple also a Reverend himself:

“I hope the bishops find a way to affirm and bless their relationship rather than taking action against them.”

What I often wonder about cases like this where a member of clergy is homosexual is. Why bother remain in that community? Clearly many of the people in the church don't respect you for who you are. And blessing them? Lets not fool ourselves to think that is going to happen. 

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Comment by Ed on April 13, 2014 at 12:33pm

If the churches do not adapt their religious philosophy to the changing values of modern day society they are faced with the realization that they are becoming less relevant to the needs and aspirations of our evolving civilization. If they refuse to change then their demise will be hastened. Good riddance.

Comment by Nerdy Keith on April 13, 2014 at 1:02pm

I think that you have a fine point there Ed. They very well may be left behind so much that people really will lose all interest 


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