I don't like christmas. I stopped liking christmas long before I became an atheist. Christians took the fun out of it many years ago for me. The rituals the solemn assemblies to reflect on some guy getting beat to a pulp and crucified for "me". How I owed this guy so much and I needed to be nice to everyone for this one special day. It was special because of what "he" did for me. I never bought into that and it just seemed wrong. I never taught it to my children. I give them presents but that's it. I have to find a new way to look at the holidays. Christmas bores me and there is no excitment whatsoever when it comes around.

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Comment by ryan benner on December 7, 2010 at 4:00pm
Oh I know exactly what you mean, your not the only one. Oh, and no where in the new testament does it say that jesus was born on december 25th. That was something that christians stole from paganism. You should look up the real reason behind the reason for the season, it once again comes up as the christians having stolen a pagan celebration and made it their own false holiday, pretty lame I know.
Comment by Edmond on December 7, 2010 at 4:53pm
I stopped liking Christmas after I found out that Santa wasn't real and it was really my mother that was struggling that was providing the presents. When I started working at Wal-mart, it sealed the day. I watch the people year after year saying that the holidays are about their god and family but the only thing anyone cares about is what you are going to buy.
Comment by David Kenneth Craggs on December 7, 2010 at 7:13pm
I prefer to celebrate the winter solstice instead. It has everything that you like about christmas without the religious nonesense. After all, it's just celebrating a natural event- which means you can do anything you like.

Plus you can pick and choose from all of the pagan traditions which have been carried on in the secular celebration of christmas:

Burning a Yule log - You can even make sure its shaped like a penis as the Fertility God, Yule, intended.

lights- Once again it could be as an ancient tribute to yule to let hm know that you are ...ahem.. 'honouring' the fertility god

Just ignore the christians, let them celebrate their twisted tale of torture and we'll do all the partying :)


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