Christianity and the Bible are scientifically proven... don't you know that?

The following conversation is real. It was held with an acquaintance of mine via Facebook. I'm Jared. I decided to leave her spelling errors for effect. Also, I now realize that it's 42 virgins, not 7, but the point was made.

are you religous?


i'm atheist

have you always been?

have you always been christian?
i was a baptist
and baptized

so what made you change?

it wasn't one thing
the more i learned about the religion and the bible the more it made less sense
science and history had a play too

the bible is completely backed up by science. did you know that?


its true. its one of the only religions that is
it may even be the only one

did you know that the bible was written in the 1500's under pope julius?

hmm so you dont believe in god?

not at all
i guess there is a possibility of a higher power
but i don't consider it
i don't believe that a god that is as loving as the christian religion says would allow a world like ours
and the bible is so contradictory
and like i said, it wasn't written by the deciples, it was written by the council of trent
i'd LOVE if there were a god as good as he's made out to be though. if there were and he made a presence of himself i'd follow him
i don't have a personal vendetta against the idea of a god

i believe that God allows the world to be like it is because people sin and fall short in the glory of God. if there was no tradgedy than what would the world be. Just like when God flooded the wrld to show everyone what happens.. he lets bad tings happen. he doesnt promise that bad things ownt happen but he does promise eternal life to everyone who believes in him and follows his light

why would he send jesus to die for our sins and then punish us with war, disease, famine, poverty and all the other problems with the world? that defeats the purpose

people create that stuff. not god.

humans crated aids?
and polio?
and premature senility?

i don't think so

things happen for a reason. god allows it because we all fall short of him. i think that if the world was perfect then there would be nothing to live for. god lets things happen and he also heals things

are we supposed to 1-up god then in order to not be terrorized?
why do bad things happen to good people then?

because bad things have to happen to everyone. gods not punishing everyone. he is letting people know that he is out there and that if we all keep making the world be like it is then things are just going to get worse and worse

why can't he let people know he's out there by doing good things?

god does do good things. he heals people and creates miracles. he gives believers happiness. he does a lot.

i'd rather have a god that didn't play favorites with people who believed and screw over those who don't. other than the fact that bad things happen to christians too. i'd rather have a god who rewarded honesty, integrity, humility, etc. not just someone who acknowledges the fact that he may exist

i dont think thats it. i think god does acknowledge those things. but god has placed in everyones hearts that there is "something out there" and that when you die you will still exist somehow and not just as a memory or idea.

i would call that a natural human inability to contemplate not existing
and in the bible god says that he would not make peace with his enemies but he would strike them down, that's not encouraging humility

your beliefs are your own. i have my own beliefs too, but god has shown us that he is real throught the bible, the creation of the world, and his son jesus christ
yeah he does and thats true. god wants everyone to expierience his love
and the people who choose not to will be damned

he didn't show me
but it would be just as easy for me to write a book saying that a flying spaghetti monster exists
i don't care if people believe in god, like i said, i wish there were a god as good as yours is made out to be
my issue with religion is forcing it on other people
and war

no ity wouldnt. like i said, everything in the bible can be proven scientificaly


im not trying to force anything on you lol1q im just telling you what i believbe! you know that right?

you say that war is crated by humans, but what were the crusades?
there are like 13 wars "in the name of god"

people do create war. god isnt stopping that from happening. he doesnt say he is going to create peace on earth. that would take all the people in the world to believe and be perfect.

but he condones war
which isn't peaceful
or loving

but he doesnt promise there wont be war. where in the bible does it say that?

when he made war in his name
you said that war is human made
just like all the diseases of the world (which i don't see how that's possible)

im saying god isnt stopping it. humans are creating war
everyday there are things going on that are creating war
and god does let these things happen
but he isnt just saying "ok your bad so you get aids"

that's true, good things happen to bad people too
too often it seems

do you believe in evolution?

no i don't believe in evolution

why don't you believe in evolution?

because i believe that god created everything... not that we evolved from monkeys or whatever


because how could we have evolved form monkeys? god created the heavens and the earth and all the things in it. it took him seven days. but one day in the life a the lord is like 1000's of years in our lives

you can't use something that has no scientific evidence against something that does like that
that's like using a word in it's own definition

so, again, what about evolution isn't right? it has more evidence to back it up than anything else and is only gaining more every day

the bible says that and the bible is scientifacally proven
look it up

i have never seen it

you have never seen the bibole?\

anything saying the bible is scientifically proven

well look it up
the bible is proven

and whoever said it was scientifically proven was wrong because like i said, the bible was not written 2000 years ago

but anyway we did not evolve from monkeys
no they are not wrong
it is scietifically proven

and the bible that we read today is nothing like the bible written back then
show me it

nothing in the bible contradicts its self


haha what?
its true

i want you to show me the scholarly source that somehow proves EVERYTHING in the bible with scientific backing
and here

i have never heard anybody in my entire life say that science proves the bible, especially since science is generally rejected by the church

it does though. i learned that in chirch

of course you did
why would they tell you otherwise?

they are not lying

i learned in cooking school that spaghetti is alive and can fly
it also created the world
and they're not lying

al qaeda teaches it's members that when they die there will be 7 virgins awaiting them, is that true?

you know what? if you dont want to belkieve than thats your choice. i do believe and i know that i will have happiness and eternal life. i wish that for everyone but honestly im not sure how to convince you of this. but i do know that the world is trying to tear up the christian religion and that one day us christians will have to face a really hard time to prove it. i also know that i will be right there when that happens no metter what. i cant tell you to believe in god becasue that is something that you have to do. all i can do is tell you my beliefs and if you want to know more i am very willing to share that weith you

no its not true. that is al qaeda. that is there belief. and that is not proven or backed up in any way. that is something they say to get people to do bad things for them

NO religion is or ever will be proven
including yours

mine is

i think that if that were true then there would be a lot more christians a lot more hype, don't you think?
what church do you go to and what's your pastor's name? i'd like to ask him about that

no because it is people like you that find all this other information and all these other things that contradict it.
and i go to a lot of different youth groups and churches
but im sure if you have any question pastor jim dixon at cherry hill church will be more than willing to talk to you

sorry my internet bugged out
people like me?
what is a person like me?
do you think that there are no christian scientists?
i have more common sense to listen to more than one source
i assure you that my beliefs were not nor will ever be put on me by an individual or a group
or any of the "people like me"

im not saying anything against you. all i am saying is that people can always find something wrong with something or find something that goes against everything else

the truth can never be reached just listening to the voice of authority

i just have a strong chritian faith and faith in god that has changed my life
it can. god has changed my life

if we didn't find out things that were wrong with beliefs or the common thinking we would still be putting blacks into slavery

and i say "blacks" because that's what they were called, but we also realized that was wrong

im telling you that the bible is proven. you can take it or leave it. i don tcare. all i care about is what i believe. i wish more people would believe what i did because it is AMAZING but that is each persons choice

i want that to be proved to me
if your faith has brought you nothing but happiness, great, but all it did was tell me that i was a horrible person

ok well then give me tomorrow and i will prove that to you

please do

no your not a horrible person. you have your own beliefs. there is more to a person than their religous belifes

a word of wisdom, NEVER say "people like you" in any context
i'm my own person
everyone is their own person

ok well then my bad but i told you what i meant by that
and i know tht. im like that too. i can find a million reasons why different things are wrong. im just saying that sometimes you have to take a stand for one thing that you know is the right hting

you learn more when you back up the opposing side

i have to do a debate on why people over 65 should have annual mandatory testing so they can drive
and i completely agree, there have been many times i've almost died because of old people
but i have to counter that, i'm on the con side
and i've learned a lot


Blayr has signed off

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Comment by Doug Reardon on November 6, 2009 at 9:10pm
You would get better results if you argued with a stump.
Comment by Morgan Matthew on November 6, 2009 at 9:33pm
I highly enjoyed this Jared! This is now featured! Great responses!

Comment by Shine on November 7, 2009 at 1:17am
Repetition yields truth, right?
Comment by Galen on November 7, 2009 at 1:25am
One correction though. The various books of the Bible were written between 5,000 years ago and 6 or 700 years ago. The early Church choose from thousands upon thousands of these writing to compile what is now known as "The Bible." There are TONS of works not included because they didn't convey the message that the church wanted to convey.

You should watch "Banned from the Bible" (and it's sequel) from A&E. That is a real eye-opener!
Comment by luis on November 7, 2009 at 3:33am
and everything on tv can be believed right? ;-P
Comment by Auston on November 7, 2009 at 3:49am
I like how when you ask for examples of the Bible being backed up with science he never answers, shows his true ignorance.
Comment by FluoCantus on November 7, 2009 at 3:58am
Wow! Featured? I'm new so I don't know what that means but that's gotta be a good thing. Thanks! And thanks for all your responses!

Yeah, Blayr is pretty thick. She (it is a girl) reminds me so much of my step-mom. I was baptized in a river and there was actually a snake that swam by right as I went under, thus, they think I'm the antichrist. For real.

I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing them over the holiday season ;)
Comment by Morgan Matthew on November 7, 2009 at 4:04am
haha Keep us updated! It basically means your blog gets more exposure to the site then regular blogs :]
Comment by Joann Brady on November 7, 2009 at 7:13am
yeah, the stuff on TV has REAL experts talking. Most of them have books you can read and a string of degrees from real universities ( not bible colledges).
I too noticed that she constantly repeated that the bible is proven fact, yet never backed that up. That could be a good starting point, in your next discussion with her. Where is that information?
Comment by Shine on November 7, 2009 at 8:47am
I was baptized in a river and there was actually a snake that swam by right as I went under, thus, they think I'm the antichrist. For real.

You totally need to get a bunch of pet snakes and cement your image!


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